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Now the Olympics Are Over Let’s Get Back to the Recession

LONDON - England - Amongst the jingoistic propaganda and flag waving, there has to be a realisation somewhere that Britain could not afford what it just spent and that it must get back to the major economic depression it is in.

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“Don’t want to be a f*cking killjoy or anything but we couldn’t afford the f*cking Olympics. We already have a massive deficit and spending is going through the roof. We’re not in a double dip recession but a prolonged depression. People are starving in the streets of the East End, and you’ve got a big smile on your face you irresponsible c*nt? So what if you got a gold medal, what’s that going to do? Nothing! Is the gold medal going to pay for the deficit, the millions of people on the dole, the thousands of asylum seekers walking into this country every hour of the day? Is the gold medal going to pay for the millions of pounds wasted on useless government initiatives, the civil servant pensions, the council bosses, the pensions black hole, the care bills, the fuel bills, the council tax bills, the NEETS, the chavs? What about the thousands of pram faces walking the streets dropping babies like f*cking sweeties so that they can grow up and be benefit scroungers just like their mums?” a man from Stratford, told a London radio station.

Luckily for George Osborne, there is a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. More taxation should solve the stranglehold over the economy and is just the medicine needed.

“The Chancellor is doing a stellar job of increasing taxation to such levels that Britain grinds to a complete halt. This is a great way of stimulating the economy so that no one can do business and people are punished for working. When we have 87% tax on fuel, and huge VAT costs, as well as repressive stamp duty, this basically stifles the economy to a level that kills growth. You cannot grow in an oppressive environment like the one George Osborne has created. It is impossible for the UK’s economy to grow when everything is taken away from the worker. In Britain, one has to work for eleven and a half months purely to make any money for himself. The rest of the time, the money goes straight to taxes and bills. This is what it is like living in George Osborne’s Britain,” another radio listener said on Sunday night.

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