I Made It All Up: 'Treasury Boy' Revealed As Bullingdon Runaway

LONDON - England - A man who walked in to the Treasury building in May 2010 claiming to be a Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer has admitted that he made the whole thing up.

The so-called “Tory Boy” was named today as George Gideon Osborne, a 41-year-old runaway from Oxford University’s Bullingdon club, who was recognised back home after police finally issued a picture of him this week.

The mystery began on May 12 2010, when Mr Osborne, showed up at the Treasury building in London. Speaking English , he gave his name only as “George” and his date of birth as 23 May 1971.

The man was unable, or refused, to give his family name, birthplace or any other biographical information but since then he has spent the last two years living in a flat in Downing Street and pretending to know things about Britain’s economy.

George told police he had buried the real Chancellor of the Exchequer “in a hole in the forest underneath some stones” but, after “walking north for five days” to London, could not explain how he had died or where authorities could find his body. No body has ever been found.

Officials at the Treasury are said to be angry that Mr Osborne fooled them for so long.

“We’ve seen the receipts and the economy is going down the kazi. We knew something was wrong yesterday, when George said there was a Plan B and presented it. Oh dear, we’re all fucked aren’t we?” one of the Treasury staff told the Daily Mail.

But the Bullingdon boy could end up paying dearly for his prank. “He deliberately took us for fools and he could be liable for the costs,” another nervous Treasury official said, sweating profusely into his cup of tea.