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Labour Using Brainwashing Techniques on Britain’s Pliable Young

LONDON - England - The young have been targets of political indoctrination for centuries, and during this election the Labour Party is utilising some age old soviet techniques to effectively brainwash many of Britain's youth.

Cryogenically Frozen Brain Transplanted in Wrong Body, Claims Surgeon

TURIN - Italy - Professor Sergio Cannelloni, Director of the Shroud Advanced Neuromodulation Group, who carried out the world's first brain transplant 10 months ago may have had a minor mishap during one of his operations.

Obama Birth Certificate Finally Released

MOMBASA – Kenya – Former U.S president’s brother, Malik has revealed the real birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.

Corrupt Obama Presidency Like Dog Shit On Shoe That Never Goes...

NEW YORK – USA – Obama not only used his devout socialist moles in the IRS to hit Conservative organisations with tax punishments when he was president, but now the ex-president has been allegedly wiretapping Trump tower during the run-up to the election.

Gina Miller and Foreign Treason Wins Momentarily Over Brexit

LONDON - England - As treachery and treason comes, having a citizen of Guyana win a court case thwarting the will of the British people simply because she paid europhile judges lots of money is a definite pitiful note in Britain's democracy.

Experts: Britain’s National Security at Stake Infiltrated by EU

LONDON - England - The High Court decision to quash Brexit is proof that there are clandestine operatives within the system who only hold allegiance to Brussels and not to the United Kingdom.

Corrupt FBI Influencing Elections

NEW YORK - USA - Timing is everything in an election, and this is proof alone that the FBI has an internal corruption problem as the shady timing of continuing an investigation into Hillary Clinton's email extravaganza suddenly rears its ugly head once again days before the election.

How the EU Spends Your Money – Scandalous Expense Claims...

LONDON - England - New research exposes the most outrageous and excessive expenses claims by EU officials.

Constitutional Crime: David Cameron Deliberately Misled Parliament

LONDON - England - If David Cameron is found guilty and convicted of the crime of misleading parliament in the run-up to the EU referendum he could be forced to resign as PM or expelled from the Conservative party.

EU Referendum: I’m IN the ****!

LONDON - England - With no logic to their campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, there is a sense of floundering desperation to the proceedings as the official EU referendum campaigning begins.

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