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Labour Party: Angela Gaffe Eagle Above Satire

GRIMSBY - England - Whilst the Tories seem to be speeding ahead, organised and somewhat united, Labour is in utter turmoil.

Jeremy Corbyn: I Am Still Leader of the Labour Party

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events, former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been sectioned. He was removed from Labour HQ last night.

Comrade Corbyn: We Are Purging Party of Dissenters

LONDON - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn has beaten back dissenters, divergionists and treacherous traitors from a coup on his leadership of the People's Soviet Labour Party.

Labour MP: “Corbyn’s Pro-EU Stance Pushing Millions to UKIP”

LONDON - England - Frank Field MP delivered a major speech on Tuesday morning on why the referendum will determine the future of the EU and the Labour Party.

EU Referendum: Why is Jeremy Corbyn Backing Goldman Sachs In Campaign?

LONDON - England - To back the In campaign during the EU Referendum, is to back Goldman Sachs and corporate entities who are bankrolling the loss of Britain's democracy.

Comrade Corbyn Purging Party of Dissenters

GRIMSDALE - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn, leader of the Red Labour party has purged the hierarchy of all traitors, dogs and treasonous anti-Soviet sentiment.

Privy Council: Corbyn Willingly Knelt in Front of Queen

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader has finally capitulated to protocol as a Member of Parliament and attended the Privy Council with the Queen.

Queen Seen Loitering Outside Corbyn’s House

LONDON - England - Is Jeremy Corbyn seeing things? Now he claims that the Queen has been hanging around outside his property scouting the joint, sitting, waiting.

Tories: People Who Can’t Cope With Benefit Reductions Could Be Told...

MANCHESTER - England - We're here at the Conservative conference in Manchester, and amongst the thronging crowds of anti-benefit reduction people there seems to be a general malaise, almost a stench of death as the rotten eggs fly and the spittle froths from the foul mouthed scum hurling anti-tories assembled.

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