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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Marxist BLM Bolsheviks Successfully Ruin Comedy

LONDON - England - You are not allowed to laugh at British comedy any more, because the BLM Bolsheviks do not understand it, and are a bunch of humourless ignorant, illiterate twats.

The Cultural Revolution is Being Imposed on the West

LONDON - England - The West is being attacked by a Cultural Revolution from embedded groups within its infrastructure for the benefit of Communist China.

Intelligence: China Encouraging BLM ANTIFA Rioters Across U.S. Cities

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - As the riots and looting go from city to city, one must look at the destabilising root of all the strife, and who is really running the show to take America down from the inside - China.

Xi Jinping Congratulates Chinese Virus on Job Well Done

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has addressed the CCP to congratulate them for the COVID-19 Chinese Virus working on the rest of the world.

Surprise – Commies, Socialists and Remoaners Want Dominic Cummings Sacked

LONDON - England - The knives are out for government SPAD, Dominic Cummings, after he broke the lockdown to address a family emergency.

Who is Going to Save Hong Kong From China?

HONG KONG - The Chinese mainland and CCP is tightening the screws of communism on Hong Kong as it finds the last embers of democracy extinguished by China.

Why Europe and the EU Owes a Huge Gratitude to Great...

LONDON - England - Yesterday, the country commemorated 75 years since VE Day, but the threat of totalitarianism has not ended and the EU is still a major threat to world peace.

Millions Starving North Koreans Could be Fed on Kim Jong-un Corpse

PYONGYANG - N.Korea - With the death of the former leader, Kim Jong-un, the starving people of this communist country are set to feast on some roasted meat for a change.

Think Tank: China Deserves Pariah Status and Severe Economic Sanctions

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The International Sanctions think-tank reveals the very valid reasons why China should be treated with pariah status immediately from the global community.

How Communist WHO Chief is Preparing World For China Takeover

GENEVA - Switzerland - The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a communist operative ensuring that China moves in to a prominent global position superseding the West, after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

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