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Why Independent Thought is Feared by Woke Programmers

LONDON - England - Independent thought is feared by the woke programmers for numerous reasons.

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Every tyranny throughout history has feared those who think outside of the box, who have a mind of their own and formulate their own ideals. The woke fascists or soviets are a tyrannical totalitarian authority deemed above all, and their greatest fear is the idea that there are individuals who do not conform to woke programming, whether within the education system or in any other capacity.

Wokism hijacks the benevolent ideals of inclusion for its own ends, when in reality to be woke is actually a doctrine of exclusion and cancellation. It is a rabid sovietised doctrine of extremes, of black and white, where alternative theories and individual thought are viewed as a crime against its collectivist political doctrine rooted in Marxist political theory. The denizens at the top of the pyramid utilise social strands like race and gender to supposedly uphold a virtuous position, but what they are in fact doing is weaponising these societal strands for their own purposes, causing increased division, animosity and civil unrest. They clearly do not care one iota for the groups they champion, and are using these marginalised groups as pawns to affect complete control through public shaming of those who do not tow the line.

Individual independent thought by any person is thus punished by the woke programmers and controllers because it is an existential threat to woke political indoctrination. If anyone dares to fall out of line and voice their difference to the given woke diktats and ideological mass marketing of wokism, the individual is quickly removed from the arena. Only a few voices ever speak out, and it is very rare for anyone who is famous or a celebrity to speak out because they would be in danger of losing their contracts/sponsorships/jobs/livelihood.

In this respect, the woke have an entire army of soldiers aligned with their indoctrination policing the various air ways and all media formats for their woke lords. Much like soviet communist neighbours are encouraged to snitch on each other if they say anything against the state, the woke soldiers are the same, and will happily shop anyone who has an individual opinion or thought contrary to woke political ideology.

The eventual goal of woke culture is to program the entire population to become a hive mind where all individualism is snuffed out. From birth to death the hive mind of the woke soviet ideology will dictate what can be said, what can be thought, and what cannot be said.

Western civilisation built on free will, justice and individual innovation within a democratic construct of freedom of discussion will thus be lost forever as the Marxist woke indoctrination subverts and murders freedom of speech forever. As mentioned previously, wokism is the formation of a hive mind, and this hive mind cannot function in any capacity with free individual thought or speech.

The world is thus succumbing to the ideals of totalitarian political ideologies like communism and fascism blended into a singular point controlled by the darling of the WEF, UN and EU — China.

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