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Earthquake Disrupts Social Media Networks

GHAZNI - Afghanistan - A powerful earthquake has struck northern Afghanistan, with tremors felt in Pakistan and northern India disrupting social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

America’s Creepy New Form of Oppression

PALO ALTO - USA - America’s Obama government is rolling out a creepy plan to assign everyone in the country “citizenship scores.”

Experts: Social Media Bubble 2.0 Ready For Download

PALO ALTO - USA - Zuckerberg may be a paper billionaire but what happens when the Facebook chart looks like a cliff face? The social media bubble is about to pop, big time.

The Delights of Living In a Land of No Freedom

LONDON - England - Britain is a nation blanketed with CCTV cameras, listening devices and digital surveillance equipment limiting freedom to nothing but a meaningless word.

The Internet: Why It Is Better That People Stay Asleep

LOS ANGELES - USA - A secretive organisation that regulates internet thought programming reveals how the global populations must not awaken from their state of blissful sleep.

EU Wants You to Dump Facebook

THE JUNGLE - Borneo - Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU, but which one is the lesser of two evils, the EU or the NSA/Pentagon run Facebook?

Political Experts: “Why Elections in Developed World Change Nothing”

LONDON - England - Political experts and researchers for the Institute of Socialist Policy have prepared a brief analysis of the current process of electoral government in the developed world, especially during election times.

Smart TV Emphatically Denies It Was Listening to Conversation

LOS ANGELES - USA - Smart TVs are getting smarter and now listen to your conversations in the house as well as analyse your behaviour.

Caught in the iCloud Female Hollywood Celebs in Frenzied Fapocalypse

LOS ANGELES - USA - Every iCloud has a silver lining, and the last 48 hours have changed the nature of the internet forever.

The Internet: Before and After ‘Right to be Forgotten’

SEKTOR 001 - EU - The new EU diktat called 'Right to be Forgotten' is a great way of erasing history within the digital era.

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