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The Delights of Living In a Land of No Freedom

LONDON - England - Britain is a nation blanketed with CCTV cameras, listening devices and digital surveillance equipment limiting freedom to nothing but a meaningless word.

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Imagine a country where there is one camera for eleven people, where your every movement is tracked, where your every conversation is recorded and where restrictions apply to how you live your life and every decision you wish to make is dictated to you.

East Germany, Soviet Russia, George Orwell’s 1984, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil — no — Britain 2015.

“The positive thing is that it will only get worse, every year they bring in more restrictions to human living. The super-state of the EU encompasses all and the UK is part of this behemoth amalgamated bureaucratic dictatorial state of permanent surveillance,” a person who dared to say anything said before being taken away in an unmarked van.

The beauty of the system is that the population pay to be imprisoned. Smart phones galore they queue for hours to buy devices that track their every movement and conversation. They download apps that specifically inspect their every movement and contact list. Social networking is the ideal place for the clueless lemmings to be spied on and not having a Facebook page is deemed a crime in itself by the brainwashed plebs worthy of nothing but contempt.

Consider liberty and you are labelled a trouble maker, marked for deletion, not only by the authorities but by the enslaved masses too happy to shop you in for spoiling their permanent state of entertainment. Freedom is a dream, a word in a dictionary that means nothing.

Pass the marmalade, which brand do you use, how do you apply it to the toast, yes my smart-toaster knows best as it relays the information on to whoever needs it. Ah, the smart-meter tells me I used up a little too much kilowattage last night, therefore it relays data to whomever it concerns on what appliances one uses in the household and how much allowance is permitted for the coming week.

And so we come to the cashless society, a place where if one disobeys or mentions discontent, they get electronically erased, no food, no water, no job. It certainly is a very hefty stick to wield by the almighty control system, a totalitarian tip toe here, an almighty step there.

How long before the microchipping begins? Will you be able to hold employment, buy food, get a hospital bed or go to school without one? Certainly not. Your number will be up, next on the line as another example to be made for your silence and inaction. Your digital prison awaits.

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