Zuckerberg Baby: “You Did What With the Money?”

MENLO PARK - USA - Just as Mark Zuckerberg and his wife's first born baby popped into an uncertain world, she would be astounded to hear that her father is giving away 99% of his fortune for philanthropic use.


“What the zuck? Are you saying you’re giving away those billions of dollars to research scientists and your pals? What the hell am I gonna do?” the baby bawled throwing a severe tantrum.

Well, the baby doesn’t have to worry much because what the mighty Zuck actually meant is, he is using that money to shape his immediate environment according to his vision. The money will still serve Zuckerberg’s ego and serve his elite group of super nerds. Power nerds are a breed apart, and they want to shape the world to their immaculate technical conception.

“There will still be huge inequality, poverty, war, violence. Facebook will still be selling data mined information to intelligence agencies and corporations, so he will still be getting richer and richer because the dumb people can’t see what Facebook is really about,” a corporate analyst for Schwab and Seuter Finance told the Financial Times.

So, don’t worry baby Zuck, you are still all set to live in a creamy dreamy Zuck world where you will never go hungry or need to think about bills or paying tax.