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England Fans Embracing Italian Culture by Eating Pizza

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - Last night's lacklustre performance by England leaves the team hanging by a spaghetti noodle for an unsavoury exit if Italy does not win the next two matches.

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“Eh paisan, it just like mama cook, eh? I’ma gonna eata dis pizza every day to support Italia,” an England fan said grabbing his crotch and stuffing a few slices of pizza into his mouth.

The next Italy match is crucial to England’s World Cup survival therefore the plan is to be as Italian as possible and support the Italians at every point.

“I’m going to my local Italian restaurant every day until the matches start and learning to talk the lingo. Just had a big bowl of spag bol and started wearing a stylish suit,” England football fan, Jimmy Cutter, told the Sun.

Looks like it’s out with the egg and chips and in with the pasta alla Balotelli.

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