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England Football Team Fly into Scotland for Heroes Welcome

GLASGOW - Scotland - The Scots today greeted the returning England football team with jubilation after their amazing 4-1 defeat by Germany in South Africa yesterday.

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The disgraced England team touched down at Glasgow International airport today and were met with crowds of jubilant Scottish football fans.

“They’ve done us proud. It was a beautiful 4-1 loss and the England boys were brilliant in their defeat,” Angus McJocker, told the Daily Saltire.

There were celebrations all over Scotland and especially in Gordon Brown’s constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

“Gordon ruined the English economy and shat all over their parliament, and now their team got buggered by the Germans in the World Cup. It’s like the battle of Bannockburn all over again,” another Scottish football fan quipped.

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