Girl using a laptop and smart phone in a park

Having all your smart devices with a full charge is the key to feeling good in the modern age, a new study has found.

Conducted over a period of ten years, the University of Wichita study aimed to find out what creates stress and happiness amongst the population.

“If you have a full charge on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, lap top, smart watch, fitness watch, digital SLR camera, gopro camera, portable bluetooth speakers, digital radio, smart GPS watch, bluetooth headset, smart glasses, smart headband, wireless smart earphones, smart portable digital assistant and all the other smart devices you own and cannot function without daily, then you are in a good mood, but if you forget to charge just one of these things or it’s low on juice, then the serotonin levels in the brain are affected and a great depression comes over you. This is the reality, and can affect the rest of your day,” Miles Rudrick, a professor of social psychology revealed in the new study.

One man who owns over 70 smart devices and cannot live without each device, has a usb charging port hub that includes over 100 charging points.

“Every morning I have to check if all my devices charged properly during the night. This initial check takes over an hour. I then have to put these various devices on my wrist or in my bag before I go to work. This process can sometimes take over an hour as well. If I find that any device during the day is running short on power I panic, and get very depressed, especially if I’m somewhere where there are no usb charging points. I always carry with me at least 200 usb 3 charging cables, just in case some are faulty and twenty banks of 10,000MAH portable powerbanks.”

The key to happiness it seems is being charged up, so for this reason alone, many are also including portable powerbanks in their repertoire, although this may add weight, for the sake of staying joyful in digital bliss, they are an essential item.

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