Facebook Wants Every User Fingerprinted

PALO ALTO - USA - Social surveillance website, Facebook is ordering every one of its 700 million users to be fingerprinted.

“This is really great. I’m going to give over my fingerprints to them willingly just like I have already given them all the other information about my life,” Ronnie Sheeple, 25, a student from Southern California told CBS news.

George Orwell would have been shocked at the brazen attitude that Facebook is flouting its surveillance on people who join its all-knowing Big Brother database.

“We know everything else about you so why not give us your f*cking fingerprints as well? You’ve got nothing left to lose,” Arnold Kotera, Senior Surveillance officer for Facebook told Techwire Magazine.

The company has acquired an immense database chronicling the lives and habits of millions of trusting people.

“It’s just too easy. In the old days we used to have a hard time getting information about people. Now we have so much information, we don’t know what to do with it all. And these suckers still keep forking over every bit of their personal information without realising what is going on,” CIA analyst, Joe Wilderberger, revealed to CNN.