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Tech Talk: Apple Watch Review

LONDON - England - The functions available on the Apple Watch are amazing. We got a delivery this morning from a guy who said he acquired a new Apple Watch and was willing to let us see it.

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Our reporter asked the man how he acquired the Apple Watch, the fact that the man was brandishing a machete at the time did not spark any questions from the reporter, who was later fired for being a dimbleweed.

After prying off the watch from the hand, we were careful to use gloves during the process. It really is an astounding piece of tech.

For starters it tells the time, which is an important function for a watch, it also does quirky things like tell you the date, and you can store pictures on it.

That’s about all we found out I’m afraid because the electronics within the Apple Watch stopped working after half an hour due to blood getting into the circuits.

apple watch hand

The Apple Watch retails from £600 – £25,000.

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