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Experts: Why Pigeonholing is Biggest Human Crime

THE UNIVERSE - Somewhere - Why pigeonholing is a terrible crime and an affront to true human universal extension.

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Pigeonholing people into certain groups is one of human society’s biggest crimes so says a non labelling entity with no political, class, profession or social affiliation.

“You are this or that. You are a Republican or Liberal as the pigeon hole Americans put it. Black or white. You are a dentist, you are a street cleaner. These are crimes against the infinite nature of humans whose potential transcends all boundaries.

“You are a Conservative or Socialist, you are in the middle, let’s just say stuck in the middle Liberal Democrat. You are a Hipster, you are a Punk.

“You are an Atheist, Christian, Evangelist, Muslim, Wahabi, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew? What about being a human?

“Because society has stringent rules to label people in all factions and groups, it is a rarity to see anyone who is everything at the same time. And why not? Why can’t we as humans be everything, why be limited to only a few ways?

“Even labelling yourself as nothing or everything is in a sense a label but what is this stupid human notion and desire to label, to file things in a box, to limit through linguistic and mathematical functions?

“Who is to say one cannot feel sadness and happiness at the same time? Who is to say one cannot speak with an American twang one second then revert to received pronunciation the next? Who is to say one cannot play Mozart then Motorhead the next or maybe at the same time?

“Humans should therefore not be pigeonholed. You have dark skin you have light skin, these aspects of one’s genetic make up are prescribed at conception, but should not limit the human soul in its infinite mass?

“You are human, you are a dog, a cat, a chinchilla, a Great White shark. You are a mere molecule in the universe.”

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  1. Every ideology is a mental murder, a reduction of dynamic living
    processes to static classifications, and every classification is a damnation.

    Never Whistle While You’re Pissing

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