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Sweet Old Ladies Pumpkin Soup and Barack Hussein Obama

LONDON - England - From afar and stepping aside, one can see the big picture more clearly.

Here at the Daily Squib, we’re on the outside, we see things better from there, especially when it comes to America.

Unfortunately for most Americans, who are on the inside, perception can get fuzzy from all the noise, their airwaves and media are so contradictory and misleading that rational thought after being peppered daily by these machines of mass illusion are nigh on impossible.

Is America a rogue state right now? In many ways it is, and here at Squib Central we knew this before the imminent election of Obama on November 4 2008. We predicted successfully through satire that he would be elected and the changes he was ordered to bring.

Who ordered these changes you ask? Well, numerous claws are in the pot. You see what most Americans do not realise yet is that all parties are simply a good cop bad cop routine, because when one party is unelected, the same people remain behind the scenes doing the same things. It does not matter who you get, the central core of the United States is still the same as under George W Bush, and previous presidents before that. As for the Federal Reserve, that’s not even a part of the United States, standard knowledge, we know.

America is a key zone in global geo-political policy implementation and it is crucial to this global change that Americans are disarmed, one by one gun owners will be ordered to give up their weapons. The United Nations’ global disarmament charter means just that, therefore it is imperative that the population with the most arms per capita is prepared by Obama, Reid, Kerry, Holder and Feinstein. These key personnel are crucial to re-educating the American people and disarming them completely so the next stage can begin. By legalising drugs, as Obama is doing, many will not mind when the DHS comes to their front porch to collect their weapons.

Obama has three more years to complete his mission. These may be the longest three years of an American’s life, as Obama is untouchable and spurious calls for impeachment will fall on mute ears, it is way too late to stop anything now because the boulder is already rolling down the hill.

The original constitution of America has passed, and will not be relevant in the 21st century. Already, many of the decrees created by the old Masonic fathers of America have been bypassed by new Masons, and Americans today have little or no rights left.

The same thing happened in the unarmed United Kingdom many years ago, and the EU has all but destroyed any form of individual rights for their citizens.

Once America is aligned by disarming the populace, and the UK is assimilated completely into the EU, the beginnings of overt global government will be seen. We are all under covert global government right now and have been for quite some time, apart from some small Islamic States that are as yet still partially outside the box, but as technology advances, so too will they be assimilated by technological force.

The old generations who once had some semblance of freedom will die off naturally. The new generations will not know what freedom or privacy is, they will be taught that snow is black and they will believe it. With every form of literature and history digitised, alteration is just a mouse click away.

The financial furniture has been rearranged through engineered recession, now it’s just about a little house cleaning, that’s all.

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