Nostradamus Obama Prophecies Revealed

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Scholars for the Smithsonian Institute have uncovered new interpretations that may relate to Barack Obama, the Illinois senator vying to become the next US president.

Professor Eugene Randell, Deputy Director of the Smithsonian Institution Archives has released information pertaining to the up and coming US elections.

The Institute which holds some very rare Nostradamus manuscripts, believes that some of the quatrains written by the 16th century soothsayer are very close to describing the fight for the White House that is happening now.

“We have the only existing fourth edition of Nostradamus’ book Les Propheties (The Prophecies). There were thought to be only three editions published in 1558, this new edition is from 1559 and includes 20 more quatrains which have never been revealed before — that is, until now,” Professor Randell said from the archive office on Tuesday.

Nostradamus has been credited with predicting numerous events in world history, from the Great Fire of London,  the rise of Napoleon I of France, the French Revolution and Adolf Hitler, to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The professor told the Daily Squib that it is well known that some of the quatrains are open to interpretation however what he has translated from the previously unreleased manuscript will certainly “ruffle a few feathers”.

The great empire will be torn from limb,
The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

Nostradamuspreviously unreleased quatrains are a heavily guarded secret and the scholars have broken with tradition to reveal a few tidbits in the Smithsonian’s monthly circular.

We leave it to our esteemed readers to make up their own minds. However, it seems that with the release of the new quatrains the race for the White House may have been already written about many centuries ago.

  • Kerry Dillinger

    This is no doubt about Obama. He has ripped America apart not only racially but economically. Under Obama the U.S. deficit has risen by $14 Trillion. Our debt now stands at nearly $22 Trillion. China is dumping the dollar and U.S. cannot pay the interest in a million years. Obama has bankrupted the U.S. and caused global turmoil especially in Middle East by funding terrorists. Obama is MABUS. Obama is the antichrist.

  • Cherrie Walker

    The new Babylon in the west is America. It speaks of the Statue of Liberty.

  • Tomira

    “The all powerful one for over 400 years”…I’m not sure what “empire” that is, but it’s NOT America…last birthday we were 238 yrs old if I recall correctly. I wouldn’t put a great deal of stock in Nostradamus.

    • Troubadour

      2015 – 1492 = 523

      America was around slowly being formed since 1492.

      • Tomira

        It more than likely is speaking of the Roman Empire…not America.

        • Lux

          Roman Empire was 2,500 years ago, before the time of Nostradamus.

          • Tomira

            Sorry…I’m talking about the revived Roman Empire as described in the Bible.

          • Lux

            Nice link ya got there. Rapture Ready. Well, the EU (Revived Roman Empire) is not led by Rome as that website suggests but is run from Germany. That would therefore make it the Fourth Reich and nothing to do with Roman Empires. The EU has only been around for 64 years.

    • James

      British Empire – “First” British Empire (1583–1783)

      1583 – 2016 = 433

    • Cherrie Walker

      i would. America has never been a blessed country, especially after they violently took over “Turtle Island” and renamed it America. Then enslaved the black indigenous & murdered them in the way ISIS is killing their victims and lied about it in the history books. Then enslaved more black people from the land of Kemet that was renamed “Africa” by Scipio Africanus. America knows their currency they depreciated by flooding the economy with worthless printed paper due to their greed, time is up. The way America has treated certain citizens has been seen all over the world, yet the citizens in America, still don’t see. The transfer of power will soon take place and know it was time. It is 2016 and at the time the many Tribes like the Lemba, the Igboo and many others called the House of Israel who were the true Hebrew Israelites, were taken to the 4 corners of the world beginning in 1619 was the estimated date. That is about 397 years. Hmmmm, 400 years is about up!

    • impaler

      well about 1500 was the first settlement so…

      all powerful marking the country and first beginnings 400 years ago, not meaning powerful for 400 years.

  • Hayzeus

    Debt Up $6.666 Trillion Under Obama Since Inauguration

    Obama not only screwed you and your family now but your kids in the future and their kids.

    America is finished because of him.

    Nostradamus was right.

    • impaler

      Thanks to Bush. Theres a couple of lines about that guy too.

      Great power given to the dark one from slaves come – where your complaint lies.

      The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby…we shall see what follows. Theres even worse lines about trump, changing laws and selling us out to russians

  • delvo

    dayum this is so accurate. obama is a nightmare that just wont go away

  • Jason S.

    Nostradamus was right in every word he wrote in this quatrain. Look at what has happened to the US and the world. I have no doubt that Obama is the 4th Antichrist now especially towards the end of his terms. He has ruined America and will take it back to the stone age. If only I had read this prophecy in 2008 when it was published. I have lost my business I have lost my family and everything that was dear to me. Heed the words of Nostradamus he knew what was to come he had a window into the future. May America heal itself from the curse of Obama I know that its kinda too far gone tho.

  • D

    Kenya was a slave hub in Africa. 17th century.

  • Andre

    Nostrodamus done write sum correct words. Obambo is the Antichrist who has broght destruction to the world. Look at Ukraine folks if US hadnt been diggin around there Russia would of not waken the fuck up!! Now we in for sum trouble.

  • Jewsareblack

    Obama is not a descendent from slaves. 2. USA hasn’t dominanted the world for 400 years, try a hundred. This is such illuminati bullshit.

    • Jaden

      Blacks sold slaves to the white owners.


    Us brothers, we own y’a;ll crackaz now. America fo black ppl. Obama ma man you done us proud.

    • Jewsareblack

      Obama has killed more black babies then Hitler, and your proud? Who are you Satan?

  • DAYV


    • Jullie Yeatman

      He is a liar, & a bad golfer. He is not presidential material but more a race-baiting community organizer, ignoring Maggie Thatcher’s and our fallen patriot warriors’ funerals while sending delegations to murderous thugs’ funerals, like Mandela and Michael Brown. Obamacare did not work in theory or as a website, making personal information public even. Stinks to be you, someone who drank the Koolaid, doesn’t it?


    Obama is Mabus.

    1.- He will come as a man of Peace (Obama promises peace in Iraq, defeat for the United States,a country he claims to serve.)
    2.- He will come mounted on a white Female horse(Obama mother is white who had 12 African husbands and lovers)
    3.- He will come to deceive( Obama says he's a Christian but in fact he was born a Muslim, practices the Islamic religion, prays Friday’s facing Mecca)
    4.- He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, if elected, Mabus will be his name.
    5.- He will try to destroy the Jewish People and Israel( Obama has said he loves Arabs specially Palestinians, hates Israel and Jews. Admires Hitler, Osama etc)
    6.- He will present himself as good and righteous but in fact he's Satan himself. Violence and Murder is in his heart
    7.- Obama will help Iran and Al Qaida in their evil projects.
    8.- Barack Hussein Obama is the “King of the South” predicted in the Bible.(Daniel .11, Kenya is south of Jerusalem)
    9.- Obama comes to implant muslim Sharia Law upon America.
    10.- Obama will enslave American women forever with Sharia Law.
    11.- Mabus will use Mind Control to obtain control of the ignorant masses, only those who read this note will be free from his mental hold.
    12.-Mabus has come to destroy the finest country in the world, America. Mabus has come to steal your soul and your children's souls.
    13.- It's written and will come to pass, Mabus will try to destroy the world with nuclear weapons but his first attack will be against Israel and the Jewish people. The beast 666 hates G-d's chosen people.
    Obama is the Anti-Christ, beware of him and don't let you be deceived by Him.
    Supporters of Obama: 1.5 billion Muslims, Oprah, Louis Farrakanh, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all American Muslims.
    This time is your turn to suffer America

  • Lars

    Funny how it all came true. America is literally being ripped apart by Obama. Satire or not whoever wrote this knew what was coming. Remember, satire is the truth.

  • Puzzled

    Is this some sort of game in which commentators pretend that they don't know they are commenting on a piece of satire?

    Or is that world really all that stupid?



  • RoMiE-GP

    Quite wierd how these revelations were published way before Obama was elected president of the US and he has caused a lot of change,,good or bad! Nostradamus was definitely right about Mabus.

  • Crystal

    I have watched 2016 and it shines a light on Obama and his intentions with America. 2016 is a really great documentary if you want to learn the truth and unveil the lies of Obama.
    Obama was born in Kenya Africa then at the age of 6 moved with his mother to the U.S.A. His father would see his son one last time in the U.S.A. before returning to Africa. Obama's father remarried twice after the divorce of Obama's mother where he had two more children with his second wife and four with his third wife. He faced his death in Kenya around 1982. Obama visited his fathers grave and swore he would continue his fathers dreams.
    Obama's father wanted the collapse of the United States of America…. HOW IS OUR ECONOMY???

  • khan

    obama did not put a gun on our temple as to who we vote Romney or him, but at the end of the day the 50% win over 49% clearly defines that we are divided, regardless of the fact Romney, obama, or Hillary the dirty mama. However Aryana as Iran, does make a sense to me. But if you read or go thorough other prophecies my NSTRDMS, he has also mentioned that a man with black turban from Persia will come and start 3rd world war. So it seems Iran…. so if you frigid more with them, they sure will come after our ass. However I think for now Obama has played great role in calming Israil down on Gaza issue and at the same time defended its right by often quoting that israil has all the right to defend itself, no matter how ugly it sounds. May be he is playing just wait and watch until that right opportunity…. Also but pushing Israil back it has created little of soft corner for America in the Muslim world. And if the day America started finally speaking in the best interest of American nation only and not at the cost of human suffering it creates elsewhere, i am sure it will be able to decrease its enemies globally. It should not be America's problem, if Naten yahoo did not get good sex last night or did not sleep well….

    • Anon

      The man with the black turban is Al-Baghdadi from ISIS caliphate. Nostradamus says that WW3 will start from Middle East and ISIS are the ones. Iran will join later.

  • bonnie

    #rd antichrist mabus could it mean obama (mab) United states(us) mabus?his middle name is hussein is a terroist middle east sympythizer when it comes to sit down meetings w/hama sympathizers but will not sit w/netanyahu but can tell him where he can build on his nation israel yet also will not aknowledge jerusalem as israels capital,mean while gen.pradeaus and eric holden and hillary clinton resign what cover up is this obama hiding lybia cover up! He has rewritten laws on medicaid and will not let us build pipelines in our own country,also borrows money from china yet gives billions of dollars to countries who do not even like us or want to be our friends!Is obama setting us up for the downfall of america only to let muslim radicals too take over our land1We need to pray to Our GOD that america can be the nation we use to be notice severe weather disasters,economy and socialism since obama has been elected!M y friends in DEUTERONOMY 28-29 those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed now this second term we hear he believes Israel has a right to protect themselves but it has not come directly from his mouth on TV! so when the next big disaster comes around it may fall on us go to the page to impeach obama!

  • Shelton

    Jesus is God in the flesh, Jesus as man does not the day/hour or year of the coming of His Father, but Jesus God in the flesh actually does know the end. Mother Mary can not save from anything, she did not die on the cross for you or me, It Jesus who died, shed his blood and rose from the grave the third day, not Mother Mary. Mary stopped being Jesus' mother when he was crucified, when he stated "brother behold your mother, and mother behold your son", from that moment Mary knew what he was saying as well did James. The Catholic Church is nothing but a place of worship, Mother Mary, the Pope, Arch Bishops, Cardinals nor Mother Theresa, Priests (Fathers) can not forgive you of your sins or wrong doings, only the Blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse us from our sins. And further more the only one that calls us Saints is God (Jesus Christ) not man sorry. I bow to no man or woman, I pray to the Father (God) through the name of Jesus Christ, not a man/women. There is only way to the Father (God) and that is through Jesus Christ not Mother Mary. Acts 4:12 (KJV 1611) Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. And that name is Jesus Christ not Mother Mary.

  • American

    you are definately whacked…..

  • West


  • gudlaugur falk

    we know the world is always changing from the birth of our planet and it will keep on changing thats a fact it has nothing to do with religion humans have been around for a short time in earths history but life will continu even if humans vanish that is just the way it is enjoy life for the sake of life

  • Jerry

    Everyone knows slaves came from Africa. Where was Obama born, if I were a betting person, I would guess Africa. His father lived there and was in his life till he was 2 years old. Hello people, this explains the birth certificate issue. His father is an atheist according to Obama's own words. How many little boys want to grow up to be like their fathers? I would say pretty close to 80%. How many promises has Obama kept and not kept? I guarantee the amount he hasn't kept out ways the one's he has kept. If one reads Revelations in the bible it explains what Obama is doing to Jerusalem right now. Read the bible if you don't believe Nostradamus theories. I hear the movie 2016 is pretty interesting but I have not seen it yet..

  • whiskey tabgo foxtrot?!?!?!

    Hmmm, it seems that people who subscribe to nonsensical propaganda such as this will be the end of themselves. You won't need to look to anyone else to do it for you, or anyone else to tell you when or how it will happen. Prophets make sometimes vaguely accurate predictions years in to the future because human nature is predictable and cyclical. I realize that a concept such as cognitive reasoning may be a smidgeon much to ask from those who delve into these irrational doomsday warnings… so I won't ask it of you. However I will make a prediction of my own: those who wait for the end of days to arrive on a scheduled date, at the hands of a scapegoat who is trying to help you, will find absurd disappointment when it never arrives.

  • rose

    First of all, the predictions might refer to Obama. Firstly, America has been considered one of the greatest empires in the world, and Black Americans were considered as slaves during the early times. Obama was black and the white ones think of him as one from the slave level. On the other hand, fear not. While Obama can predict the happenings, the Lord is the Only One who knows when the world will end. From the perspective of a keen observer of nature, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other calamities are expected to come in these years because we are constantly destroying Mother Nature which results to global warming. Global warming can cause tsunamis, earthquakes, floods due to the melting of the Antarctic Ocean, deaths of fishes because coral reefs are slowly destroyed due to the enormous heat in the ocean bed and many more. Can't you see? Technology and non-stop curiosity of the people to give lives to the dead and to make rain from hot clouds or let me just put it, to create a happening that only God could have made, all lead to the death of the balance of Earth. Man, the most-loved, yet the most traitor creature of God, is the one calling for his downfall. But, these should not be feared. Mother Mary, in all her apparitions, promised to never fail from praying the Holy Rosary and she will save us from any calamity that will fall upon us. Again, Jesus, the Lord himself, know nothing of the end of the world, not even Nostradamus or anyone of us. The end of the world just comes when we stop believing that Christ, along with the intercession of Mother Mary, is the one who can save from us from an eternity in hell, and that Satan does exist, trying to lure us into his ways. Let's just all pray together. For those anti-Christ or those who have no religion, pray that you may not be deceived from worldly ways, too.

  • Truth

    Bush pulled us apart not Obama have we forgotten what Busch and his father did to our country? SO blame them Busch not Obama he has to help and things are tied up for several years when you enter the white house,there is only so much you can do from someone else bull crap ………….

  • Ngulube

    this was true… what is next?

  • TomTruthful

    You are a dousch bag.

  • John Harkins

    Satan would not have a birth certificate;correct?

  • AM3

    — The great empire will be torn from limb,The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:

    (That can only be Britain – being a powerful empire for 400 years it gets destroyed)

    — Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,

    (Obama was not born from slaves and he does not hate Britain)

    — The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

    (Aryana is a Persian name. This 'dark one' does something to upset Iran/Middle East)

  • Obama is an idiot

    Nostradamus saw that past 500 years. Slavery would be part of that. Blacks were brought here for slaves, and that in itself was majorly screwed up but blacks were also the ones who got this man elected, because they wanted to see a president that was not a white man. He was only voted in for the way he looks, and not the thoughts he has.

  • Tootie

    President Barack Obama is not born of slaves. So this may be an upcoming event not referring to Pres. Obama.

  • malembe

    Dude you must be thinking in your ass, Obama is the best of the best. you damn (R).

  • Michele Pester

    READ YOUR BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For goodness sake………….So many stupid people…..Oh, that's right not many believe in any God that's why this Country is the MESS IT IS! Sure try to take God out of this country, our Forefathers believed in God and for goodness sake WE here have the FREEDOM of Praying how we wish! Stop! being so igorant and learn something for goodness sake. Try reading on history! or better YET pick up the Lord's Book! "THE BIBLE"!
    All I know is one thing? Obama has been the worst President and has not done a damn thing but RUN UP THE DEBT for starters!!!!!!!!! If no one can see this they you should NOT VOTE! AMEN!

  • Will Heitzman

    If anyone is to be judged as possibly being the anti Christ,
    one must ask these questions: Is what this man says, or
    does an anti Christian trend? Is what a man does is in a
    direct conflict with the Constitution? Are his own words in
    conflict with the good of the people? Do his actions lead
    to free agency, or do they take away human rights? Are
    promises unkept and turning into lies? Obama is the well
    qualified possible anti Christ. he is the most powerful man
    on Earth. Satan would want him in that position.

  • Anonymous


  • Spank DaBootta

    I will pedict the future for you all in the same way Nostradamus :

    And they saw grate fools rise from there shelters of rock stone and wood on the twelfth moons 21st day the lamented the lack of death.

  • lamptey

    obama is america's enemy. He hate you; everything he says, he mean the opposite. You have voted satan into power. America wake up!



  • dala

    President Obama Wins 2012 USA Elections.

  • Anonymous

    Your not American so of course u love Barry…aka Barack..or whoever this evil ruler is!!!

    • scr

      Ummm….nearly all Nostradamus scholars believe that MABUS is a coded word that means “Master/Teacher” and the quatraines are written in French. I must say….95% of the comments on here are LOL totally ridiculous. Any educated person can easily debunked all of those silly thoughts on here. Too many to count. Obama the antichrist….c’mon people knock it off. LOLOL Its like every president is cast as the antichrist over 200 years LOL whatever. The antichrist is far more likely to be a Master deceiver that represents the radical Islamic movement who desires to elinate Jews and Christians over the next 30 to 40 years by terrorizing the world….and, by the way, I akin to radical Christians like on here LOLOL silly group of bastardized retards, every one.



  • Joshua

    you definitely are a dumb m……r

  • AADA


  • Rastus

    I know for certain hat the Nostradamus prophecy about Obama Mabus are true. People, look at what he has done to OUR NATION! Look at how we are pulled apart he is not a unitor but a dividor he does not want peace he wants war. Noone knows where he came from, he just appeared for the presidency, I watch politics pretty close and I never heard of him. His color ddon't mean a thing, this person is evil and when he smiles I know he is not real smiling. WAKE UP FRIENDS FELLOW AMERICANS !!! Prepare for civil war again, start farming get some weapons, be sustainable for yourself and your family. Things are going to get WORSE not BETTER. Obama's people will come and get you sooner theyre brainwashed and they will say its for the beter but they will taser you or worse shoot you if you do not go to the FEMA camps. It will be for your own good they will say and many people who are starving will agree in fact they will beg to go to the FEMA camps. Thats when you will find out the TRUTH!!!!! God help us all. We have been sold. God bless America or what it used to be I love my country even though it is now gone!!!!!!!!

  • Skippo

    You people that think BLACKS are slave you are all complete IDIOT. A slave ruling over you in your own land… You better stop chasing shadows and face reality.

  • lar

    the prophecy of nostradamus is true.if you are real xtian and read the bible you will understand the prophecy.

  • Bambi Dude Geicko

    About 15 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, for $8 US dollars i purchased a 1948 copyright of the Prophecies of Nostradamus by Henry Roberts the first to do the Prognostications Translation. It's french on the left side & english righthand side, Mr. Roberts' siblings have re-copyrighted His Literary~Works, MOST fascinating is that ( Lunatic ) Pastor Harry Walther with 2 Rapture's & #1 Satan is coming in a Spaceship, later in this black background scroll of FLASHING green\\red\\yellow text is President Obama as Mabus according to Nostradamus or His ILLEGAL CLONE on Facebook as Michel Nostradam, seems No one knows what He really looked like.
    Thanku All For(te') Your Time,

  • loluwa

    I don't know why people are so ignorant…….Nostradamus never predicted the world was going to end 2012…why r people deceiving themselves?

  • william mony

    are you serious..?? are you on drugs?? great and smart do not apply to this man…manipulative, sneaky, and lying do


  • o.o

    because you no nothing of our government and politics!…. hes a terrible president. His policies and decisions are just dumb….i cant believe people are saying hes so great, none of you must follow politics well…. and politics are far from just watching our GOVERNMENT DICTATED NEWS.(<open googleable fact btw)… i understand we don't have many options to vote on, either old, rich, greedy, men who know nothing of the common folk. or old, crazy, radical men that still no nothing of our common folk…. and all they care about is taking our taxes and pocketing them, or giving them to terrorist, because we support terrorist for some reason…. or just spend it researching jello fights and drunk ants (literally, we spend millions every year on that, even with obama!!!, on dumb pointless research that only exist to pay off politicians and other government ran foundations)… America is just a bunch of spoiled brats… a bunch of kardashian slut worshiping wanna bes that dont even care about anything but themselves… there like "ohh poor starving Africans, and poor homeless puppies," but they just say that cus its the "hip" thing to say and think. if they really cared, maybe they would donate, or pay attention to politics a little better, or better yet, educate themselves! =D because our country is doing a horrible job at even that atm (literally a fact, idk were you got your idea that were the best, but were like one of the worst schools, look it up)…. oh and btw, its sooo totally okay for everyone to rip on bush, his name is like a punch line now, but obama is the sacred anointed one o.o…. at least bush didnt cry about it lol…. btw our news lies alllllll the time, so when there like, "oh obama is awesome and absolutely nothing is wrong and the only news ever is celebrity's drama cus life here is so grand and perfect…. and Justin beviers music is the best in the world"… there lying to you!!! to keep everyone doing just as they want…. which is for us to be government ran, and you still have no idea what that means for you… none of you have any IDEA of what rights you have right now, that NOOOO other country has… lol because your allll just a bunch of under educated spoiled brats…. ALLL of you EVEN ME! our country is under-educating, and desensitizing us on purpose… cus you know whats wrong with Iraq, and Africa, and Mexico? LACK OF EDUCATION… and look at Korea, north Korea, a bunch of brainwashed people who think there the superpower of the world and all is peaceful… its like a cult…. were becoming like that… and thats scary. and no damn American president is worth this much support!!!! and Kennedy was preaching this!!! thats why he was killed! he would never EVER support obama, you know why? because obama is for federal government control on everything, and Kennedy was not for that at allllll <(another fact btw)… not at alllllllll…. and if you wanna argue that you better fucking start researching…

    I HOPE you start researching! For the sake of everyone….

    oh and btw ass hole.. stop being racist, saying oh you silly white people, it is just as racist idiot! Skin color is no different than hair or eye color!!!! and if anyone said anything about Obama being black than there just as dumb…. and btw i live in a place where its like 70% black in the hood in carencro Louisiana USA if you wanna look it up! i have lots of friends with black skin and they hate obama too, because they have educated themselves… i think a lot of the world is kept in the dark about a lot of things…. and i dont blame you guys at alll, im not saying you are retarded or crazy, just ignorant, and ignorance can be fixed. Im ignorant, hell our leaders are ignorant, Even the smartest man in the world is ignorant to something… we really needa stop hating and fighting each other! stop being so narrow-minded and dense… and our country really needs to stop having this rift between too very wrong sides… do you know that American politicians were originally suppose to be a side job for the average working man, no 100,000 dollar pay checks, and personal jets… wtf happened?

  • JZ

    Hey bitch this wat we do 2 ur precios lil white boys. LOL. Check yoself!

  • Joe

    Yeah we see all the technological advances in Africa and not to mention HAITI!

  • A

    How about we gather all of the ignorant people like you back to whatever caucasian nation you came from? If we gather you all up and put you in one area you would be less advances then tge tribal nations

  • manda

    let people believe what they want really who cares ? you kind of ppl are why the world is the way it is just have to make an argument about everything or better yet starts wars and shit if this is true its because of ppl like you that things are going to end.cant just be civil and let ppl be. if it happens it happens there is NOTHING you can do…. find out 2012.until than give it up or do some damn research. man kind is the cause of this and p.s to all yous im non religious so there you go !!

  • jas

    Obama is the best president this country should have at this point.I am not American and I am so surprised how stupidity can live along with wealth and development.Obama is great .He is sooo brillant .He is adored and appreciated by the entire planet .How can some americans denigrate their own president in such an ugly manner.The US is more than blessed to have him . What is also funny ,weird and just unbelievable ,his white side is completely denied.Remember…..he is half black and half white.This shows how some Americans are ignorant despite the best schools and universities ect.Be thankful that despite the deep ignorance of some of you ,you are lucky to have the smartest man on earth as PRESIDENT>

  • carlos sanchez

    In a song written by spanish singer, he describes the opposite when the North would be the South, and the South would be the North, refering to Mexico and the U.S.. A dream for mexicans, Mexico would be the most powerful country economically, the U.S. would be devasted, with poverty, unstable government, unemployment, Americans would try to cross the border to find safety place and a job, (any job). just to survive. The u.s. dollar would not be worldwide acceptable, will be the lowest rated currency in the world. Mexican pesos would be the worlds currency. Mexico would use cheap labor from neighboring U.S.A. to enrich themselves. I saw a Video of this song and it is kind of funny parody.

  • Dennis Chilton

    We need to ship the blacks back. Every county they have been in that's white they
    end up killing the whites.

  • alan

    I have only read 15 comments and out of all those, it is evident that only one comment shows that the poster has nailed the situation on Obama and how he is the best thing to happen to sensibility for a long long time, maybe as far back as JFK. All the others have missed the point about how history is evolving and Nostradamus' Quatrains by a mile or more.

  • sammy

    Obama doesn't have a drop of slave blood in him. He is a son of an educated man from Kenya in Africa and a white American woman. This quatrain cannot refer to him.

  • It isn't Obama

    Seems all the really stupid people who can't even write want Bush back. Bush started our decline. Are you forgetting all that happened during his time in power? How he let the big bankers and insurance companies and wall street run wild and run us into the ground? Why blame that on Obama? Bush gave out the first stimulus, and those who received it went on fancy spa trips, and a lot of that money can not be accounted for. Obama gave out more stimulus which is trackable and being paid back and was put to good use. Get over the fear of the black man. This black man is smarter than George Bush could ever hope to be. Bush was basically a plant in office to do whatever his big, rich buddies wanted him to do. He didn't own that ranch he supposedly owned in Texas. That was a front so he could look like a good ol' American rancher boy. He was nothing but a lie and a joke that took us to Iraq because his big buddies have wanted Iraq and it's oil for a long time. He turned a blind eye to Bin Laden and is on tape saying so. If we still had Bush in office, we would be so far down the drain. Obama is doing what he can against the nut case tea partiers who have no idea about history and the conservative republicans who want to crush the middle class and keep the top 1% on their thrones. Antichrist is ant christ. Christ was for helping the people. You want to find an anti-christ, look at who is protecting the top 1% of the wealthy and securing all the power for them. Look who is sending us to war and keeping us there.

  • autobot


  • Anonymous

    Yer all a bunch of tards.

  • These are riddles and you dont have to put meanings on it since you are not Nostradamus. You will put meanings on it if it happens they claim to everybody that you are the one who decoded the texts.
    Dec 21 2012 @12midnight is when ocean level rises or the high tide. Scientist predicted(the computer they made) that in 2050 earth will die in carbon dioxide if we continue to abuse our forest. Only the Amazon Forest is the biggest remaining carbon eating forest and providing oxygen in the world. I dont based my life on predictions only..i also want scientific facts. In the last prophecy was nostradamus wrote was a drawing of a man raising a book with no text on it. some says it is the end, while other says WE ARE THE ONE WHO WILL WRITE THE PROPHECY IN THAT BOOK.

  • nonofyourbusiness

    You crazy!!! I don't see you doing any better then he is!

  • Taylor!

    Obama is a horrible president hence why he has the lowest acceptance raitings. Anti Christ for sure.

  • cliff

    Dude u crazy! Aliens? I think you're a creative genius.

  • avery


  • Anonymous

    your dumb

  • Anonymous

    2012 will have a more enlightened president and get people thinking more of others as we are all connected.

  • Oh Really!

    So what are you doing to stand up to this madness? besides adding your two cents to this, if you want to stand up, then March right up to Obama's front door or to the TV crew and make a point!
    No man knows when the world will end or when the start of a new beginning will rise!
    Just live your lives and be thankful for what you have! Other people in other countries don't have what we have…they are probably not concerned with when the world will end but when they will have a good meal and drink of cool water! Getting drowned in all this can be quite depressing….Live your life….that's why you got it! 🙂

  • Chris

    As a rule, never precede a statement like "Obama had done nothing right in like what almost 3 years id rather have Bush back" with a statement like "you my fellow human being are a moron". The former is completely ignorant (not to mention grammatically laughable) and the latter is a psychological projection.

  • arturo

    you my fellow human being are a moron
    Obama had done nothing right in like what almost 3 years id rather have Bush back

  • Joshua Banks

    we were reading som this shit and a couple of u have really good points.such as:I seem to be noticing there isn't a whole lot of non-religious scientists putting in their theories in on this situation,but we can go over seas and kill ppl that dont even equal up to us AMERICANS.Im sorry too who ever but this country is going down faster than we all exspect.Alrite bak to the point,sorry bout that…but 4really were is the up-to-date evendience….name one person that can actually tell me this shit is going to happen that is not a religious person…..

  • Mimi

    "slaves" here are not literally as slave.. Remember that there is a huge discrimination between whites and black dominating whites over blacks that even Michael Jackson wrote a song for it.. i think that is what he means!

  • %$#@ THIS!!!!

    I think everyone needs to pull thier heads out, and get some sunshine.
    No. 1 I voted for the man, not yet sure if it was a good idea or a bad one. Yes he has made a few mistakes, a couple of times I have thought him less than competant. For some reason though I still have faith in him. I believe that he will pull a rabbit out of the hat.
    No. 2 All of you who think that at midnight Dec. 21st or 12th "not sure which one it is, dislexia is a
    of 2012, think that the world is gonna end, YOU ALL ARE COMPLETE MORONS, sure some rough time are gonna come, more than that it's not a death sentence, but a new begining, I have a theory on what will happen, think alien life . . . that worships christianity, a crusifix on the front of an alien spaceship, wow!.

  • Jade

    Obama's dad is from Kenya, East Africa – *not a slave! His mom was white.

  • BennyBuoy

    WTF???? Why are there so many religious fanatics on this site? I seem to be noticing there isn’t a whole lot of non-religious scientists putting in their theories on the matter.

    But, why all this racism and religious fanaticism? It’s more like you guys are all being dumb, uneducated, and narrow-minded duggans. Right you are about yourselves being dumb. Now go out there and do something absolutely stupid for the Darwin award you so happily deserve!


    World English Bible Its Totally Free-Other Versions-Links



  • Ceria

    i dont beleive the world would end in 2012–if you watch the history channel-when the notradamus predicons come on-it says -he predicted the world would end in 2030 or possibly 2025-something around their-i haven’t watched it in along time-anyway i beleive in what CCs coment was-that in
    the bible- it
    says we should
    are lives like were dieing or around those lines-theirs are much
    more neater in the bible

  • cc

    this is so bull!!,the world will end when god wants it towe should live are life like we were dieing!!!the world could end tommorow or today-the point is forget about these prodications-their stupid!!,live your life!,do things you haven’t done before-life is short,and about obama-who cares,my sister believes hes the Anti-christ,i dont know what to think-i guess i hate him too-but that my comment.

  • 2012


  • sunny deol

    Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath tere sir par padega, to tu uthega nahin; uth jayega.

    when this hand of 2.5 kg will hit you, you will not get up. You will go up.

  • Engel Mahler

    Nostradamus was right dammit Obama is the anti-Christ he is going to bring down America with his $2.5 TRILLION healthcare scam.

    There ain’tr no way good people are gonna stand by and watch their country go down the chute.


  • Bidge

    Re the Quatrain 243
    The great empire will be torn from limb,
    The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
    The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

  • donplaypuks

    Here’s Nostradamus’ Quatrain VI.33:

    His hand finally through the bloody Alus, he will be unable to protect himself by sea. Between two rivers he will fear the military hand, the black and angry one shall make him repent his actions.

  • CJ from Missouri

    Nostradamus predicted that a black man would be
    irate towards mabus. Mabus could be two names,
    with the last three letters standing for Bush.
    The black man could stand for Obama. If Obama keeps
    blaming Bush for everything it could cause a lot of stress
    for Obama which could lead to serious health problems
    while he is in office.

  • Michael

    Well my dear superstitious ladies and gentlemen,
    first of all, Obama is a man, a human just like you, with blood and bones and nothing special about him, unless you want to consider him special.
    Obama has absolutely no power over any human species other then that which is vested on him, so sorry to spoil it for you obama lovers but you are dreaming.
    The rest of you obama haters, you need to move on with your lives and at least try to make a change instead of whining all day against obama like an old whore.
    As far as Nostradamus, that’s the beauty of prophecies, they are enigmatic, and the mind reads what it wants to read. It may be absolutely nothing to it but fiction and the idiots of the world who like the tale, make sure the tale becomes reality, or it may just be that

  • George Stephenson

    The Death of Wisdom

    I want to tell you a story about the death of Wisdom. A very, very long time
    ago, a time without time in it in fact. A star appeared in the East and with her a
    woman of profound beauty and peace was born. She came to this world and called
    herself a man named Buddha. She had the laughter of all the children of the world
    sewn into her heart. She is beautiful. I am well pleased.
    Her voice was but a whisper on the winds of this world. So someone thought
    to save her for all mankind to know. So with a pen and paper they hunted her down
    and captured her. Hooked her rather. They couldn’t bring her in completely. Bloody
    fools they were. Imagine trying to throw a net over the very mistress of freedom
    Herself! But they did get away with a few handfuls of her

  • Jeff

    Hey Road Digga. Are you serious with that. Are you lazy or just unable to spell? Obviously you cant read. The reason the History Channel and its experts said nothing about Obama is because the Smithsonian has the only 4th Edition copy in existence. Obama is sending us into ruin with his Socialist policies. Also, I feel for all you people who are too smart to believe in something like religion. Its really too bad because I am sure some of you are good people. Unfortunately for you thats not gonna be good enough at judgement. For all you nutbag treehuggers, quit worrying about it. We wont be here long enough for your kids to worry about the environment, and global warming is a hoax anyway. Lastly, for people like the Digga. Quit letting your race blind you. It really insults your own

  • HOG711

    Perhaps this ‘2nd coming’ is not quite what all have invisioned. But rest assured, the time for revelation nears. The Angel of Mercy was sent and forsaken. Destryed. Now HE sends forth another to right the injustice. If among ANY of you, there lies a trace of ‘psychic’ ability, you will feel something as you read this. I promise you.

  • Deano Stayner ontario

    in the year 2012 the world will not end! clear and simple backed by Nostradamus. while he did quote on being a third anti christ named MABUS backwards is SUBAM and in those times the B can be fliped to a D spelling SUDAM who killed hundreds of people. also he claims in 2012 that our lord will walk the earth not that we will all die. alot of his talk is also about the polars switching. how the north pole and south pole will reverse and everything electronic will fail and will take humans 2 years to get things working with new satilites. take that in for thought and let me know. and just relax no world will end in 2012. his predictions do go past then.

  • Jackie

    What is wrong with you people your all Insane, We’re All Equal, I hate how You white people think your all the greater person, Look at what Bush did, he’s white and he messed up BIG time, And it should be a womans job to clean up a man’s mess?, Us females aren’t any better A lot of us spread our legs to get what we want we munipulate Men to get somewhere in life its disgusting I hear Skinny girls complain how their fat chunky girls complain All We do is Freakin Complain. Its annoying It doesn’t matter what color you are Black White Yellow Native American Maybe Green damn it it doesn’t matter.

  • hawaiiboi

    nostradamus….wow he’s good… why is the goverment hiding somay things like about aliens and shit….i think the u.s is a cover up..the goverment?? (a cover up) they hide so much shit – watch this shit../ANNUNAKI

    i tellin you the world is going to end i tell you if not in 2012..then it’ll end slowly..and painfully…

  • Rick

    Dana I’m curious; if you don’t believe in God, why are you and the other atheists so afraid of hearing about Him? And please, ask your English teacher to proof read your text next time. No one takes you seriously if you can’t spell or use correct grammar.

    As to Kurtz (11-04-2008), Obama did in fact win. He won the presidential election for the same reason Hitler won the elections in Germany…..a tanked economy and inept leadership of the previous administration.

  • The Road Digga

    What this article claims is lies. In no way does Nostradamus’ quatrains make reference to President Obama. There was a three hour special about Nostradamus on the history channel with many scholars who have studied Nostradamus for years. They debunked any kind of reference to the president at all as the third anti christ.

    Any kind of propaganda people can spread to spread hate and fear!

  • Judy A Scott

    It seems that Nostradamus’s predictions only make sense after they are realized. Hister later was Hilter after the fact ! I am not saying that it isn’t really a prophecy it just seems it is only prophecy after it has happened. A person can’t read on and predict what Nostradamus is trying to tell us before the occurance only after the situation and then they put the piece of the puzzle in it’s place. With all of the time passing since the Medieval Days of Nostradamus, anything at any time could play into his written words.
    It is just a matter of time. Similiar to a lottery of sorts.
    I am Christian and I believe what the Bible tells us, know one will know when Christ comes back to us. Just like a thief in the night Jesus will return.
    But before his direct return there will be a

  • melvin fisher

    great power given to the dark one from slaves come.
    this is the same prophecy given by the ancient egyptians 5000 years before christ. these are also the same events prophecied in deuteromony chapter 28.
    this will be the culmination of the hebrew israelites who went into slavery in ships and who wil be brought back by god to replace the askenaz/russian/japthetic jews who are there another people who went to slavery in ships and who are an astonishment and a byword for all nations on the earth.this refers to the tribe of judah/american blacks who with the tribe of benjamin are the only legal blood holders of the title jews the other 10 tribes are named by their tribal name. issachar/mexicans…rueben/seminoles… understand the quatrain…read deuteromony chapter

  • polly

    all about prophecies and the end of the world is true! can think or believe whatever you want but let me tell you something after you die you have two places to go to: heaven or hell(it really exists!) its your choice…JESUS THE ONLY GOD AND SAVIOR IS COMING SOON! please don’t talk bad about GOD and his people….you don’t know what you are doing!trust me!

  • leader lion

    alright listen u little aethiest u shuld not impersinate someone for there religion i dont agree with cristians either but dont be prejiduce and yur n ot gonna get anywere being aethiest i hope u live yur life with no faith or point enjoy with no salvation bitch

  • Dana

    Omg ! you guys dont even get whats being said you cant respect anything he has said all you do is sit there in you little christian life and think your perfect open your frekin eyes and see whats happening and believe some shyt allright instead of thinking chritians rule when the suck because im tired of you peoples crap and therefor look at what he all predicted and it came tru so suck it this is from a high school kid that dont wanna here your stuck up christian crap ___ ps obama is doing his best could you do any better tirds!! btw im aethiest and you can shove it !!!!

  • issoufou

    why are people so racisit to muslim people?

    and i mean all of them

  • Wayne Gretzky

    You have to be born on United States soil to be a United States citizen being born on a military base is USA soil like in Germany for example the USA has bases there and it is USA soil. But just because your mom is a american born and raised and you were born in Great Britian if it was not on American soil or a Military base you are not a Citizen I live near Detroit trust me if that were true the whole middle east would be americans and that aint true. Pregnant Arabs come to the USA so their babies are AMerican citizens and later they can petition for their family to come over here as well home grown terrorists

  • ballzack

    if any of you read any of this then your nerds cuz its alot of shyt there.

  • thomas Rigley

    Ok. Racism is a big player in this administration. There is no doubt about it. I thnik you believe what yo are told to beleive and those of you who belive in the predictians tend to lean toward the uneduceted side. So, Here’se the truth. First of all. Obama is not the Anti-christ. He was not a decendent from slaves. His father was from Kenya his mother was a white american. 1.) Any person who’s mother or father is a citizen of the United States is automatically a citizen of the United States. It does not matter where you were born…. if that was the case all children born on military bases all around the world would have to apply for citizenship…. yet there parents are US citizens serving overeas. 2.) Obama was not decended from american slavery. Michelle Obama was,m but, she


    your an idiot – How wrong you are – Let me point you to the Bible in Daniel Chapter 9 where is goes to tell us that the AntiChrist will come from the land that destroyed Jeruselum. Now histroy, I am somewhat good with and I know that in 70AD that the Romen Empire destroyed Jeruselum, Georgraphy on the other hand, I am not the greatest, but I do know for a FACT that the Romen Empire is in the middle east!!!!

    Before you go and make a comment on a site, I would suggest that you go and get your

    Doug 15-07-2009

  • negrodaugmas


    13 1 22 1 18=55


    15 2 1 13 1=32

    55 32=87
    87*23 = 2001
    87 23 – a new war on terror started
    1760 -war napoleon was in

  • Michael Harris

    As even his so called followers know now he(obama) is a liar. He has not even given to those who he promised to and is trying to blame it on congress, which btw his people control. USe his words in election i will help all americans to keep their homes yet his bill he trying to push through only helps those who have not lost their jobs due to his plans. Which includes 2 million people who have lost jobs since he started his so called bale outs. He promise coal and power plant owners he would not hurt their business yet he has put 3 bills through to shut them down while shipping all supplies to china for build over 300 coal power plants. Finace rules by congress say all security back loans get paid first yet he forced banks that GM owed money to to back down to the UAW so the UAW could

  • Edward Palamar

    Christ has come back like a thief in the night, but one needs to see His coming with some regard to Him sending His angel. His angel was re-born during the deep of the night, the last watch before sun up on June 25, 1956 ADP (ADP means a year of God’s return – a mixture of Latin and Greek – Anno Domino Parousia). Yet I have the surname Edward Palamar, I am that angel. Nostradamus spoke of this event in the quatrain (4 lined verse) of Book VII, #24 – When he who was buried comes out of the tomb, referencing the burial of John (the Baptist) and John’s resurrection by Christ. The second line of the quatrain states he shall make the strong one referencing Daniel’s prophecy of the 4th beast and ensueing relations to the Antichrist. This is a precise example of the accuracy of

  • Big Sean

    God will bring the end as a thief in the night, so that oretty much sums it up to me! No One will know the appointed time of judgement and should not believe in unperfect Man for the time of this day. Nostradomus was wrong far more times than he was right. And even the ones he was said to be right on was used on other people in history. His predictions are vague because they can be used on several times and people through history. And also the Anti-Christ is not ONE person it is meant on anybody that is ANTI CHRIST! The Bible does not support any religon that goes against Christ’s principles. Just because you go to a church or Mosque doesn’t mean that you’re Godly. Look at the History……If your Religon is part of the Crusades or support burning Women at the

  • JSchrembs

    Very interesting.
    Hopefully, more Quattrains will be revealed as there is NO DOUBT that during his lifetime Nostradamus was (wholly) accurate in his predictions (i.e. even the Queen was impressed about his prediction about her Husband being killed during the joust and he became her life long consultant).
    Lastly, there may be a Divine Component into his ability to see therefore it should not be readily dismissed
    Nuff said.

  • Doug

    I would like to reply on a comment that was made on here not too long ago. We have nothing to worry about, Obama is NOT the Anti-Christ. There is NOTHING in the book of Revelation or anywhere in the Bible that tell us that the Anti-Christ is a Muslim and will be from the east.

    Drake 30-11-2008

    How wrong you are – Let me point you to the Bible in Daniel Chapter 9 where is goes to tell us that the AntiChrist will come from the land that destroyed Jeruselum. Now histroy, I am somewhat good with and I know that in 70AD that the Romen Empire destroyed Jeruselum, Georgraphy on the other hand, I am not the greatest, but I do know for a FACT that the Romen Empire is in the middle east!!!!

    Before you go and make a comment on a site, I would suggest that you go and get your

  • The last survivor

    Your rule my lord will not be one of peace
    Your reign my king will not be one of smiles
    Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank
    Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise
    They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.
    Oh black Kennedy following the one before
    May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse
    As you walk in silence from the stage of life
    Barack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king.

  • Regis

    God spake ye of the One; it was he who by divine intervention said unto ye, Lick pussy, for it is delicious. I will let you make up your own minds.

  • Father Wright

    I am so sorry. It is over. Trust me. You will soon find out what kind of person he is (Obama). I feel bad for the people who are blind. I am so sorry for what will happen. God bless you all. Those who voted did not know what they were doing. You are all in my prayers. Please focus on facts. He is now revealed. I pray you do not accept the NEW WORLD ORDER:( PLEASE DONT. Do not turn your back on God. But turn your back on ……… You know who

  • Arachno Temperus

    Obama is a liar and a thief. You will see the truth soon. Nothings changed, you will see soon when Obama shows who he really is ……MABUS!



  • AJ Hnrdy

    I had a dream about these same verses a few months ago and i was on the internet and came across this site and the prophecy i was freaked wen i read those words its as if i had the dream and it told me nearly to the word!!!! Im confused, am i somehow linked to this or nostrdamos or am i somehow psychic? I believe that Obama is the new lord, he is going to save us from the white oppressors and evil men, he is going to unite us and the new kingdum is gonna rise up!

  • paul

    These are anxious times and people the world over are hungering for solutions mostly quick fixes without appreciating the fact that the problems have been long in the making. Obama is the right person in the right place for these troubled times and rather than people whining about some archaic and nonsensical prophecy, it were better if they concentrated on trying to ameliorate their lot and look with faith to our God given leaders to lead us out of the morass years of mismanegement by bush & co have thrown our country into. Long live America!

  • Annalena

    Obama is not a citizen of US, rather he holds dual citizenship which makes him ineligible to hold Presidential office. Obama is actually Barry Sortorro, and never legally changed his name to B Obama, also makes him ineligible. Obama also held several different social security numbers, majorly illegal, and another reason. Obama is actually an Indonesian who practiced the religion of Islam for several years, does that make him a Muslim? Maybe, maybe not, but he still lied about ever being Muslim. Paints and pretty good picture of someone that legally could not run for US President.

  • Gordy

    Never trust a negro who aint ever been put in jail by the white man. Obama never been to jail that means the white man got itself a good house n’er.

    The whieys they like Obama, he ‘s a gooood nigger!!!

  • Abiodun, Inverness




  • Jagoda

    Aryana is Persian name, Aryans are also called the tribe that moved to Persia from somewhere that now the territory of Russia about 1800 BC to settle in the place called later Persia. So Aryana has very close connections to Iran. Iran will not be satisfied, shows the connections to people : The Ariana, like the French, etc

  • SisterMonica

    Let us all understand what is really going on in our world, I read all these comments,opinions, and the world is in Questioning mode. Whats in the future for our families, try not to fight amoung yourselves, but try to gain some unity and stand up for righteousness. We shouldn’t be fighting against each other. Its Time we all Pray. That is what Jesus teaches in the Bible. People choose to believe what they want, instead of relying on
    their Faith. Take Out Your Bibles and Rely on The Word of God.

  • Min.Tracey Estes

    Why would anyone want to go to a mere man for answers, When Father GOD (YAHWEH), whatever you want to call HIM, IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS ALL, IS ALL AND IS THE ONLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH..

    That is why HE has, let every man be a liar, and GOD be truth, because it is impossible for GOD to tell a lie.. True enough that GOD did and does have HIS true prophets.. But when was the last time any of you decided to know the truth for yourselves, and asked GOD to show you the truth?

    He promises that everything that is done in the darkness WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE LIGHT (another words, it will all be exposed).. For me personally, I will seek the LORD in these matters, and ask for HIS guidance and direction in these matters..

    Did not intend to use this as a Pulpit to preach from, but this country

  • Mike cecil

    I dont know wether or not obama is the anti-christ or not, but I do know from the day he took the oath he has started turning our country into a socialist nation. Spread the wealth, what kind of crap is that? Im a hard working American Nationalist who believes in our country. So Im supposed to work my ass off so I can support the so called less fortunate!!! The only ones That the spread the wealth program will benefit are the lazy people waiting for hand outs, illegal aliens who come here to exploit our country and people who dont know anything about our fore fathers and the struggles that they have went through to make our country what it is.

  • Logic

    Come on guys, let’s be real. All these people trying to force Nostradamus’ predictions on us are fools. I am not saying that he is right or wrong because I don’t know, but those quatrains can mean so many things. It may be talking about America and Obama for all we know. I think that Obama isn’t the anti-christ, but I do think that he will mess up big time. Not because he is black or anything like that, but because he isn’t the right man for the job in my opinion. I digress, all I am saying is that we should definitely keep our minds open to everything and look out for falseties.

  • Paul

    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come:-
    Near the end of the fifteenth century the first Europeans arrived on the Kenyan coast. In 1498, a Portuguese explorer named Vasco de Gama stumbled upon the East African coast. The Portuguese remained on the East African coast for 200 years with well established trading posts. Portuguese rule was harsh, unpopular, and economically debilitating for the local people. They traded in gold from the interior and exporting slaves to work on the plantations in North America and East Indies.

    The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby:-
    The theory that the Aryans was particularly influential in Germany in the late 19th and 20th century where Aryan was considered a master race making them born leaders. This belief came from the alleged

  • illuminate the illuminators

    the signs of what nostro talks of in the 400 year reign are pretty obvious for someone whose had there eyes open. They were around long b4 he himself and he knew of them. it all started really with a man named nimrod (yes the first king of babyolon the aposte~liberator) The great hunter against god. The bible tells this story better than i but its bein goin on from the begining and he told them then (nimrods wife queen) daughter of chaldea (also the real symbol behind your masonic statue of liberty~ fortess godess) When he first destroyed babolyons works at a one ruled world that she (as a symbol) wld be laid to waste in one hour because she thought in her heart she was a queen and would not be a widow. And he will. He (or they) said he put it into the beasts heart that her (where the

  • Paul

    It will all begin when the last Pope after – No. 265, Benedict XVI resides in Rome. A Volcano Mt Vesuvius, east of Naples, Italy will erupt which will mark the beginning of the coming events which are signs that WW3 will happen. The Volcano lava runs not just downwards but it bends in crevasses beneath the Earths surface, some leading directly under Rome. Italy will be completely destroyed leaving the people homeless. It will also be a time where the San Andreas fault line will affect San Francisco more greater than the Indonesia tsunami. China will invade India, sweeps across to Africa and Arabia thus the 27 year war across Europe will begin. Russia’s Bolsheviks will reign again, conquering easily some of the civil war torn European countries. All countries bordering the North Sea

  • Drew

    In response to the comment by les somewhere below: His predictions are open to interpretation. But for the sake of arguement let’s say that this one DOES pertain to Obama. The all-powerful one doesn’t have to mean America, it could refer to Obama. Now, we all know that no human lives four hundred years, so maybe this part of the prediction (if the whole thing really has anything to do with him) means that he is the beginning of a long line of leaders that, together, represent a certain interest, idea, organization, etc.. It states quite clearly that The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby so maybe we are faited to be led by blacks for four-hundred years, but who knows. Remember that his predictions were worded in a vague and confusing way because ideas like his could’ve gotten

  • les

    The great empire will be torn from limb,
    The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
    The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

    lets look at this hmmm the great empire could be anywhere not just america it could be china.

    the all powerful one for more than 400 years well america hasnt been around as a nation for 400 years it has been 233 years a nation.

    how does that strike anyone can anyone tell me how that figures in to being america it is talking about

  • Shami

    U all got to watch this video it’s beautifull

  • Cybrid3

    Look, I have always been a believer of Nostradamus and what he has predicted, but thankfully, this time he is wrong. While Obama was elected(as Nostradamus predicted) the end of the world this means not. Nostradamus predicted that Obama and Mcain would be neck and neck, and that they would need to recount a bunch of times. So, for this reason, the end of he world isn’t upon us(as of yet). Now, if we look at the Maya, they tell that at 2012, their calendar stops and starts over again. Something usually happens at these ends of calendars, so who knows? The Maya were craftful, for instance when they prdicted the spaceship…

  • eUnIcE

    …panu kaya nya nalalaman ang mga mangyayari sa hinaharap or future…..???

  • whodoyouwantme2b

    Who or what…Crizak…I have to say to you: keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what you are really talking about. Nostradamus is not literally speaking of a man born from a slave….HELLOOOOO! It is metaphoric or for you to better understand it is symbolic!!!! In history, Africans (and other races) have been largely enslaved as a people…Nostradamus is talking about the race or a race in general not a single slave….geee….you must think that our nation’s sacred documents don’t apply to you because it says our forefathers which means our fathers before us and since a bunch of men signed it, it must have been talking about their dads!!!! OMG!!!! Now do you understand?????

  • second thoughts, manitoba

    g.w.bush. is mabus. 27 year war with Iraq. Nostradamus probably thinks it’s the same guy. him and his dad. carrying out this need to go to war with iraq.
    Either the Publishers of the books or Nostradamus himself purposefully mangled the names of these said people. Hister, Mabus. Ma turned 180,, is gW. so.

    This prophetic end is given to us in so many ways, it’s a blunt reminder that we’re headed in that very path. A planned event? A moment in time that almost destroys us, but in essence, saves the human race from it’s own destruction. A world of unified change, unified direction, from a point where everything hits rock bottom.

    Someone is going to push that button. But I

  • sdfew

    all this antichrist stuff is making my ears sweat… Its so weird for people to think the antichrist will be a single person. The antichrist, like cancer is already here…

  • me

    I dont think Obama is the anti-christ. But something is happening if you go back in History we live in a time that is red hot as far as technology advances. Its the first time that the world is connected in a way it never has before hince a new world order is possible like never before. This end time prophacy that is so obviously approaching and people still deny as it said in the bible that they would. False prophets anti-christ aquisations are all signs.

  • Emily

    Century 8, Quatrain 77
    The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
    twenty-seven years his war will last.
    The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
    with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

  • Crizak

    Um, Obama is nowhere close to a slave’s son.

    He’s the son of a Kenyan immigrant and a white girl.

    I love how folks pull Nostradamus out of their respective behinds every time history is made.

    On Sept 12, 2001, I had three people call me with, Nostradamus predicted this, man!

    Interesting, then, that on Sept 10th, the WTC was not closed, and nobody EVER said, Hey, watch out for Sept, 2001!

    In fact, rap artist Chuck V of the group Public Enemy is more of a prophet than any other in terms of 2001.

    The lyrics of one of the songs contained on Fear of a Black Planet, (written in the late 80s or early 90s), contain the follwing verse,

    Breakdown, 2001, it might be

  • Space Cadet-Tampa FL

    OK, I’ve read the article and comments, and just gotta add my 2 cents. I’ve suffered in silence while complete morons would spew their prejudicial conjectures and out and out lies about Obama (one of which was the former Republican Presidential Candidate). Now come the Nostradamus folks, hard at work trying to find the least arbitrary quatrain they can use to link to Obama. I’m not dissing Nostradamus, but really, you have to admit people work pretty hard forcing a meaning out of his work. Anyway, regarding Barack, why not leave the obscure, archaic, over analyzed 16th century literature out and research his actual senatorial track record. He is a uniter, not a divider.

  • Mr. Dude

    You guys are all fucking retarded if you think Obama’s a muslim.

    Seriously guys, c’mon. Just because he’s the first young, black president does NOT make him the antichrist.

  • Francois Jean Baptiste

    Who will pay for the credit crisis? Not the bankers my friends, they are the ones who started the economic shock for a reason. War on the general population. There is only one way to pay for the party and that’s with war and genocide.The people must pay with their lives for the credit crisis this is the only way forward so prepare yourselves.

  • Deepak Keshav Sahastrabuddhe


    I the Oriental Chyren (Hindu Leader) who had experienced various events regarding the incidents as depicted by the French Astrologer-cum-clairvoyant, the Fortune Seer as you know the Fortune Teller, the famous French Astrologer Dr. Michael Nostradamus, who discuss about the Hindu Leader & wrote about him. & as relayed by Hindi News Channel “Aaj Tak” & “Discovery Channal” dated 22/12/07. for me as I am as per his predictions and I have experienced those events in my life as the ‘HINDU LEADER”
    Till date America desperately tried that India should not come up as super power with competition world wide. Not only this but other nations of the world also

  • analyst 04-01-2009

    The End is Coming? Well, some are informed and pragmatic, while others may simply be ignorant and naive.

    I did follow current affairs randomly, and read that there are so many provocations from some political or/cum religious leaders. The tactics are simple. To cause hatred and in so doing hope to gain superiority. It is usually followed by force too. This is a reason why a country may continue to modernise its weaponry. And when conflicts start it is also a good chance to test the new weaponry. It may be sad, but on the other hand, it is believed to be a super strategy to spread a religion. If one would read histories like the early conquests of the Spaniards, Portugeses, and about the slaves in the

  • PE

    Just so y’all know. Obama isn’t muslim. And he was elected fair and square. He totally slaughtered McCain in the popular and electorial vote. America spoke and they picked Obama. He is a change we can beleive in and is trying to make the world a better place. He cares about the economy, something that affects us all in one way or another. He wants universal health care. He wants troop pull out, and action that would hopefully decrease death. Obama is just trying to get this country back on track. And for all of you that believe this nostradamus hype, you should get a life. And if it really predicted horrers like Hitler and September 11th, why didn’t anyone do anything to stop it?

  • CoR

    The green agenda will be used to cleanse the world of the ‘useless-eaters’. The elite have had enough.Precious resources which are reserved for the elite families are being used up too quickly by the consumer sheep. Obama is an elitist and has been groomed for this role. They will either bring out a new strain that will clean the populations or cut off all food supplies. Cutting off food is easy because only 2 companies control all food distribution. They are prepared for the anarchy that will come.

  • Richard Micklesford

    This prophecy is astounding. I have studied Nostradamus myself and I would also like to know what the other quatrains say. Obama I feel is Mabus. His mother trained him and she in turn was bred herself to create this entity. No one even has his birth certificate. He is also a muslim but of course only practices in secret.

  • Enrique

    I believe the end is coming soon, not because of Obama or Bush or anything like that, but the way people around the world are behaving, so much war, so much killing, so much hate, everyone needs to realize that no everything is about money and power. Now, stop saying that Obama is our savior and all that crap, you don’t know what he is going to do once he takes power, if he’s gonna be good or bad, so let’s all pray he does good for our children’s well being. People needs to stop being so ignorant and realize we (voters) don’t elect the Presidents or pilitians, a group of guys decide who is going to win and that’s that, in this case Obama won and who knows why. I’m not against Obama

  • jack

    Mr. Bush had a very highly informed nostrodamus commity wth military control,since the 40s Mabus is Sudam backwards even the d inverted to a b common childhood mistake,sudam was rebuilding the tower of bable anyways I sure would like to see the picture book they found without the so called expert opinions,sorry about the spellin

  • Samrev

    Obama, no matter his religious affiliation, race and background, should be considered the savior Americans and other nations need not the anti-christ. He has already won.

  • Julian

    Obama is not the Antichrist, According to the bible there are two beast, the first is called the false prophet, he will prepare the black throne to the real antichrist, but first the world will see signals in the sky, The darker eclipse that has never been seen before by mankind, look in the year 2012 will appear a big red planet orbiting the earth, then the mankind will see two stars, and there will be a great darkness, The antichrist is descendant of an ancient race similar to that of lucifer, then He will come and will bring peace after a process of successive wars created by his false prophet, in 2009 everybody will have a microship in their hands, One way to mark the humans who will be

  • justin

    I heard that the end of times is 2012 not in the 3rd mellenia

  • Cellar Door

    ~Have any of you considered this:

    In this war it was hard to decide the good guy from the bad guy.

    ~Mabus could also mean a city in another country from which this person shall be born from.

    ~They say that Mabus will die shortly right? So if Obama is assassinated we have A LOT to worry about. But I am certain Obama is not the anti-christ. Absolutely positive.

    ~Mabus is an unknown tyrant that may be born around this time. If he later comes into power he will trigger World War 3 which marks the end of civilization as we know it. ….Earth will live on… we won’t.

    ~Mabus could be a cryptogram for Thurbo Majus, the classical Roman name given to the infernal god

  • Darin

    Here’s the thing, no one can predict who the anti-christ is or when Jesus will be coming back, that’s kind of the whole point. It says he will come in the night like a thief. People have been trying to predicti this for a long time and in the short 24 years I’ve been on this earth I’ve heard more predictions about the second coming of Jesus then I can count. Every generation of christian has thought the rapture was gonna happen in their lifetime and it still hasn’t. I’m not saying it’s not going to happen but I’m not saying it is either. One last comment, I’m sick of everyone saying Bush was the reason for our economic downfall. He certainly didn’t help and I’m not saying he

  • Drake

    We have nothing to worry about, Obama is NOT the Anti-Christ. There is NOTHING in the book of Revelation or anywhere in the Bible that tell us that the Anti-Christ is a Muslim and will be from the east.

  • Living Love

    What wonderful comments a few of you made! If christian meant anything anymore, Barack Obama is living it. Unity, Justice, Equality, One World Community…
    Regarding the Nostradamus work:
    The Fall of the empire that is, White Male Christian Dominance, has been long prophesied. This minority faction of our society will not rule the world as long intended. The christian church will fall as it should- in fact the entire judeo-christian-muslim church is one big monster and will Fall with The Fall. Good.

    Finally we are headed for Peace On Earth.

    If this rapture happens then good- all the war loving, racist, xenophobic, animal torturing, women denigrating, child molesting, holy book

  • AXJ exists

    AXJ and OBAMA

  • Shery

    Horrible ignorance on this thread. I can’t hardly believe it!

  • DM

    Severity of judgments will increase. Difficult times for this administration. People under duress.

  • Ferretto

    we don’t know who the AntiChrist is! Only God and the one marked as 666 will know. Even if Obama is this so called AntiChrist so the hell what, we all have to die sometime, and someone has to play the role right?

    I’m not going on his side. To tell ya’ the truth, I hate obama, he’s a back stabbing, and a horrible lier. I fear that he will send us down and what not, yes, but its suppose to happen, what are we gonna do?

    The AntiChrist is said to be complete evil right, so think of it, if anyone would try to kill him then wouldnt he be powerful enough to move the bullet to the left, or right to hit the person beside him, or what ever it is they would try to kill him with, or what ever

  • Seer

    lunatics lmao!

  • Patty

    Barack Obama is not even legally a black American. He only has one black great-great-grandmother on his father’s side while the other 7 were Arab.

    That makes him 50% white, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% black. 12.5% is the minimum required to legally claim any racial status in America.

    Obama would quallify as the first Arab-American president, NOT the first black president. That is why they keep saying African-American and NOT black because they know he is African Arab and not African black.

    Obama still refuses to produce a valid birth certificate because he’s trying to hide the fact that he was born in Kenya, but he’s been telling everyone that he was born in Hawaii and even

  • pain

    Well this is my interpretation of this quatrain

    The great empire will be torn from limb;

    the great empire are the wold order. we have failed financial market across the world; divided members of the senate and world split from east and west.

    The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,

    From the day Columbus landed in 1492 to 2008 is 516 years that is over 400yrs, but USA still the youngest of most powerful nation.
    The great power is the presidency given to a man with the color of a slave.

    The Aryana will not be satisfied therby.

    Aryana-is a girl’s name- a-rya-na, ar-yana is of Farsi and Persian

  • Joseph gibson

    Maldoror 08-11-2008 –

    You are totally wrong about Nostramanus’s predictions, just like your probably wrong when you open your mouth about things like government secrets or private individuals that have too much influence over what, and how our countries operate. Alot of Nostradamus’s stuff has not been revealed, why? I have no idea… Just like secrets from Area 51, I have no idea why? and Aliens, oh, and about WW1 and WW2, Yes… alot of secrets from all countries involved.

    Whether Nostradamus predictions are accurate or not… personally, we’ll probably never know…jusy like everything else that goes on behind closed curtains.

    Obama sure does look like he’ll change the

  • Barbara

    It is impossible for Bush to be the antichist!
    He is to stupid!

  • Geez

    For those who think presidents have control over stock market, you are wrong! The gov’t might use money to save it after WE all mess up and hope there is someone to blame. One wrong analysis on newspaper can bring a company down dudes. Like this person on TV this morning, she bought a Mercedes Benz, had trips to Africa and other countries and wonders why she has a half million in debt.
    As long as there are people who just envy and don’t do anything to improve themselves it’ll never set right no matter who is the president.

  • kaaran

    Well Obama won…………God help us all.

  • john torre

    why is Obama the anti Christ?to me,George W. is the anti Christ,he ruined the country.just look at the day the stock market crashed,the market sank 777 points.if that’s not a message from god,what is?

  • Maldoror

    Nostradamus wrote vague prophesies about things that had already occurred. He post-dated them to fool the leaders into thinking he could see the future. Or he just made reasoned guesses.

    History repeats itself, so any supposed predictions that have come to pass, are nothing remarkable.

    All of his writings have been released. Any new material is written by someone at the present time.


  • Antonio Sarrandonga

    1 Be aware that the antichirst is not this barrak .
    2 the system of control for the world is in danger,pls saddam ruled for 10 years in 1991 to 2001 when usama took over in trerrorist till 2011,be aware that the anti christ will raise in the east 2010 and not in the west he will begin a campain for leader ship in one of those middle east countrys .He is all ready a consultant and bringing cause to the world with words of magic .I can see far that only negative auras around the world ,place getting more dark than ever .He is making his entrens .

  • shhhh

    It looks like Obama will be the president. Well, let us pray that everything will be fine and okay in our country no matter who will be the next president. It doesn’t if the nostradamus is right or wrong, all that matters is how the next president will handle the country.

    Let us all remember that past must remain in past, we should now move to the next generation.

    Peace Everybody!

  • Concerned about the facts

    In regards to your comment about McCain not being able to raise him arms. Do you know anything about his captivity? Do you know that both of his arms and one leg were broken repeatedly during his captivity? Do you know that his head was bashed in so much during captivity that he had to have most of his teeth replaced when he was released? Do you know that the Vietnamese found out that his father was an admiral so they beat him even more and used him as political bait? If you want to insult a true American hero, you’re going to have to come up with a better argument. He may not be perfect, but him not being able to raise his arms is not only insensitive, it is a weak and irrelevant argument for why someone cannot be an effective president. Give me some concrete reasons for not liking McCain, but don’t attack his service, kind sir. If you wish to sway other people’s opinions, it’s best to give logical reasons rather than surface-y and superficial data. Give me something concrete and I will gladly listen and consider your point of view.

  • dsm

    I live daily with the Antichrist. He tears up my clothes, destroys my furniture poops on my bed.

    He is my Border Terrier and I claim for HIM and HIM alone the title of ANTICHRIST

  • Sven

    Former Mississippi Gov. Ray Mabus, who served as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Clinton administration, is joining Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as an unpaid adviser on Middle Eastern issues.

  • Alan H.

    Anybody wondering who Mabus is and his connection to Obama… Wikipedia Mabus or John Mabus. I’ve been trying to piece together what I can about this Nostradamus prediction and the deeper I dig the more chills run up and down my spine.

  • Daisy

    2012 will not be the end of times, or the end of the world. It will be (there abouts) the coming of a new age. Astrological ages exist due to precession of the equinoxes. Basically the stars and constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth independent of the diurnal and annual movements of the Earth on its own axis and around the Sun. This slow movement takes slightly less than 26,000 years to complete one cycle. Traditionally this rotation is calibrated for the purposes of the astrological ages by the location of the zodiacal constellations at the Vernal Equinox around the 21st of March each year. Approximately every 2,160 years a new zodiacal constellation appears at the Vernal Equinox.

  • brian

    the black community have always been loyal to the democratic party. see the turnout for cllinton. granted it will be higher for obama but not by that much considering that this is the first time in history that the black community feels that they have a personal stake,a representitive that looks like them,although very different. his mom is white his dad is a black african (non slave in origin) a free man since birth with no history of ownership in their history. this differs greatly from the average black american. non the less this is a connection that black people feel is a connection of culture . this nostradomas link is based on and a thinly vailed attempt at scarring away white voters or self justifying ones own fear of voting for someone who isint
    caucasian. here we are in the year 2008 and people are still using mysticism and future telling from people they have never even met to justify there voting. at the very least this is unchristian, the bible warns against false profets qite clearly. if you have a problem with his policies than vote for someone who has a better plan but
    please dont waste a vote on an inacurate analysis of an
    400 year old prediction.

  • Anon

    Obama could be Mabus, two letters need to be substituted O and A for U and S (United States!)
    Not sure if he is the Antichrist, but he will die
    soon according to (Nostradamus C2,Q62).

  • Dane Stocker

    Bible prophecy if warning to come rapture after antichrist. Well I can’t tell you that Bible prophcey is very strong secret code or unexplained maya calendar if true is very real or change mind.. anyway I pray that will not come to become 2012 .. I hope not will come happen. Thank you

  • metalbuoy

    why obama is the antichrist – he will rise from nowhere, he has the blind suppport of the rich, the highly educated, the young, the blacks, and most importantly, the media. all criticism of him will be labeled racist, and question him and you will be investigated(like joe the plumber). he will win in 2008, the country will divide like never before. if you never saw the movie ‘the stand’, please do so. instead of flagg, though, imagine obama. a white antichrist wouldnt have worked because the blacks wouldnt have been loyal to a white guy. young whites on the other hand are more colorblind. obama is the antichrist, these things will pass slowly until the earth’s demise on 12-21-2012

  • Faaip De Oiad

    Well, just to start out, I have this to say: Tying politics in with religion, or visa versa just isn’t right. It’s already stupid enough you can’t be voted in as the president unless you’re a Christian or Catholic. Calling Barrack Hussein Obama a muslim is ignoring, seeing as his father was the muslim, not Barrack himself.

    Mccain: Can’t lift his arms up past his own chest, had cancer, has a health issue (just look at his right cheek), and, not only that, he’s old. Yes, he’s been in the military and he’s been a POW, he’s had upteen years in the senate, and he favors women that hunt over a man. (Can we say the female version of Dick Cheney?)

    If he gets voted in, are people REALLY prepared for VP Sarah Palin to lead this country? Seriously?… do I really have to ask much more than that?

    And Obama, he may say he wants change, but he doesn’t say what for. Hilary Clinton would have been better to run than Obama becuase she has more experience. Obama has 2 and a half years experience in the senate. That’s not enough. And, also, I seriously don’t think America is ready for equality. I still see pictures related to Geico saying Even a caveman is smarter than a n*gger.. And I see people saying Do we really want a PMSing woman as the president? Hey, guys, you get pissed off too – and don’t lie. When you were a kid, and probably even now, you flex your e-peen, or your ego, saying you can beat up this kid or that kid. It’s the same damn thing.

    If Obama and McCain are the best two candidates that the United States of America can put forward, then god help us all. The media made this election, and also broke it. They stopped covering people they didnt like, like Ron Paul, and the super-excited guy that made a noise during a speach. BYAH! … so what? He’s excited? I would be too. Blind people raise their hands and puff out their chest when they win, even if they havn’t seen another person do it. It’s an act of triumph.. it’s genetic.

    Besides.. if you really want a prophecy, look at the Mayan Calanders, they stop on December 21st, 2012. Better get ready, kids.

    ~ Some say a comet will fall from the sky
    Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves
    Followed by Faultlines that cannot sit still
    Followed by Billions of dumbfounded dipshits
    Some say the end is near, Some say we’ll see armageddon soon
    Certainly hope we will, I sure could use a vacation from this three ringed circus sideshow.

  • Tha Govna

    Barrack Hussain Obama is a left-wing radical with a strong Muslim background. He is a racist biggot and so is his wife Michelle. When they were writing Kill Whitey papers, McCain was in a POW camp. Don’t let the smiles fool you – do a little research into this one.

    Same post. Two different names. All Karl Rove.

    Seriously though. Some of you strike me as the type that believe all of the celestial bodies revolve around the earth…which is flat.

    America needs Barack Obama like it did when we needed Bill Clinton.

    We’ve been in an 8 year DECLINE on so many critical fronts it’s not even funny.

    Time for a party change in the White House, plain and simple.

    It almost doesn’t even matter WHO the Democratic nominee is.

  • Patty

    Clarence of Minnesota: If Obama is the greater uniter then tell me…..why is it that the police in EVERY MAJOR PREDOMINANTLY BLACK CITY are preparing for blacks rioting? You fool. Uniting the western world, Africa, Middle East? Hogwash. OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. Nostradamus is not wrong and never has been and btw, by from slaves from means a black man. That’s pretty clear. Sheesh! He’s anti-American and his wife is an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. Not proud of America? Maybe she forgets we feed the rest of the world and our sons are in Iraq fighting for other peoples’ freedoms and liberty. JUST AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. OBAMA IS AN ANGRY BLACK MUSLIM with scary radical friends and cares only about black people. You whites are being played. You will see on Nov. 5th when you are plucked from your car and beaten, it won’t matter if you helped them. Idiots. All fools being played. Wake up!

  • Wolfzone77

    Plato squibbled in his Republic; and I paraphrase, that, …And any politician who claims he is for the people is a blatant liar…Hmmm!
    Was he a prophet too?
    It seems to me that other quartrains of the Nostradamus phrophecies also alluded to an Obama, but the recent speak and documentaries revealed this crytogram as Osama Bin Laden, after some post event decryption and hysteria. It seems to me that the spelling in the quatrain was in fact Obama. Do correct me if I am wrong, but if this is so, could his vision have been ever more clear given threats from the threats issued by Aryan IKA?… Hmmm…?

  • angela V.frink

    HOW DARE YOU MAKE MCCAIN LIKE A SLAVE!! This man whose generation suck the life blood out of plantations slaves. This man who every where he goes he tries to starts race riots. This man who has banned every piece of legislation and civil rights to humankind and you call him a slave? Give me a break!! Oh and By the way, I cant tell who really the terrorist because Mccains speeched are being drowned out by the people who call for senator Obama’s assassination. Mccain has an association with terrorists too…. George Wallace and Iran contra too

  • Carol

    Every time a new President is elected, the opposing party says he is the Anti-Christ. First it was Clinton, then people said Bush was the anti christ. Whoever gets elected this time (whether it be Obama or McCain), I am sure HE will be the anti Christ. People, get a life.

  • emily

    DUHHHH! how can all you see past this. mccain was in a POW camp what the heck else are pow’s than SLAVES!!!????

    The great empire will be torn from limb,
    The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
    The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

  • XXXX

    you gussed it YOU’RE ALL DOOMED!

  • niki

    i think you’re all a bunch of ignorant morons who have nothing better to do but find lame reasons to label candidates as the anti-christ. obama and mccain are both politicians, and since when are politicians pure hearted and honest? and clarence….you’re a very disillusioned, sexist man. and for your information, that is a type of discrimination, since people get so damn fussy about racist remarks made about obama. excuse me….where the hell was all of this good american value when some hick stood up and yelled for hillary to iron his shirt?! i think this campaign has made a bunch of hypocrites out of americans and the sad part is that you all can’t even see it.

    peace out.

  • LibbyBuck

    The anti-christ is most likely Putin. Stupid Americans think everything is about you. Get over your selves.

  • zeitgeist



    please pray the rosary daily. Our Lady is the patroness of the U S and will protect us. If you know nothing else, know that you should vote on the ProLife ticket, McCain/Palin

  • Andy

    It is clear to me, as a Christian, that Obama is being crucified. Yes, we are crucifying the wrong guy.

    Cain is the man. Cain’s come back, the traitor who killed his own brother in the Bible. And Sara is the red dragon lady.

    when in the world would someone called Cain who cheated on his wife, left her and married another one; a man who makes money from selling alcohol—promoting alcoholism, birth deformities, addiction, broken families, destroyed individuals—when did you see the Church siding with a man like this?

    This shows clearly that Cain has the power to put people to

  • KM

    Written by Jack C. above:
    Barrack Hussain Obama is a left-wing radical with a strong Muslim background. He is a racist biggot and so is his wife Michelle. When they were writing Kill Whitey papers, McCain was in a POW camp. Don’t let the smiles fool you – do a little research into this one.
    You ought to do a little research yourself, dude. When John McCain was in a POW camp, Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson were children and, most assuredly, NOT writing Kill Whitey papers. And another thing, learn to spell. Seriously. It makes you look stupid(er). The correct

  • Dumpkopf

    Everyone knows Sean Hannity is the anti-christ..him and bill O’Reilly!

  • The Truth

    It’s obvious folks Sarah Palin is the anti christ and Nostradamus got all this shit wrong, Obama is a good guy

  • Ren

    McCain couldn’t be the Antichrist… The characteristics of the Antichrist, is a man who is adored by many many many men… The way so many people adore Obama here, and in other countries, kind of makes me wonder… Then as the bible says, the Antichrist, or Beast is supposed to be seen as a messiah, or second coming…. I kid you not when I say this, but I’ve heard, and have had stupid people actually say, and think Obama was the second coming. The beast is supposed to do great things, and seem like he is of Christian faith, but he is actually Satan’s Avatar, or false messiah, or

  • Rapp Eisenhint

    McCain is the Anti-Christ people, the guy is gonna win and we’re gonna have us an armegaddon and shit

  • scott

    Considering the Presidency is a blood-right and NOT a symbol of democracy, it is safe to assume McCain will be the next-president. All throughout the news…Obama! Obama! Obama!, meanwhile John McCain is already the succesor to the presidency.
    If you think the US is democratic and not a dictatorship (Patriot Act) you are fooling yourself. The power of voting is not in the voter but in hands of who counts the votes. Electronic voting booths…are you serious? There are many many many sources of information on the internet available to you, please do NOT take my word for it but

  • tintin

    i only believe in God, and not in humans…so Obama is not totally an anti-christ

  • Jimmy

    Obama is a christian. Do not be decieved, God is not mocked. No one knows about the end times. It is a fallacy to suggest that Obama is antichrist. Please read your bible. Antichrist will come from Europe. We need change now.

  • Jack C

    Barrack Hussain Obama is a left-wing radical with a strong Muslim background. He is a racist biggot and so is his wife Michelle. When they were writing Kill Whitey papers, McCain was in a POW camp. Don’t let the smiles fool you – do a little research into this one.

  • Dr. Marc West

    One better concentrates on McCain where Obama is only a mislead.

    Have a nice one…

  • gt

    Former American slaves give the dark one (Obama)power, they vote for him.

  • mommy

    obama is a lightweight, hillary is a nobody. Im not much of a fan of mccain, but out of the other two hes the better one to lead us. Hes the MO of the three stooges.

  • Jeannette

    I really think that Obama is the third coming of Christ, he will join all people of the world. He is compassionate, caring and he is a profound speaker.

  • joey

    If you’re going to believe in prophecies, then none of this matters since the world will end in 2012!

  • Al Kemist

    Nostrodomus’s prophecy is somewhat illusive, but I wonder if America’s president still got the influence to be the anti-christ since this world has already rejected the uni-polar political world.
    I am just a foreign observer, seriously, Obama may be the most charismatic, but always got a hint of arrogance, though among all candidates he may be the best choice. So I think all candidates are not quite fit to be the president.

  • jay

    obama is not a descendant of black slaves and in no way the person predicted by nostradamus

  • Anonoymus


  • gr8schizoid

    The prophecy is worded incorrectly (assuming it isn’t fake):

    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,…

    huh? Obama is not a descendent of slaves! His father was Kenyan and was neither the descendent of slaves, nor a slave himself. And his ma was white

  • barackblogger

    Know your scripture..Obama can’t be the anti-Christ because the rapture hasn’t happened yet.

  • Chris

    Mabus is the 3rd anti-christ which some are speculating could be Obama. This man has too many radical friends as associates and his church believes in the black value system’ which gives evidence that Obama is a divisive candidate who rejects mainstream American values and is primarily focused on the black community. Hope doesn’t pay the bills. His change is not and will not bring America together.

  • Jan

    It’s going to take a woman to clean up a man’s mess and yes we’re talking about the moron Bush. Vote Hillary!

  • Clarence, Minnesota

    Obama is the great uniter who will come and bring the world back together. We must believe in his values and his charisma to unite the western world with the arab, african and eastern worlds. Hillary is a liar and Bills tool. It is also not good to have a woman because they have moments of non clarity and are irrational. My wife better not read this

  • Kurtz

    Obama ain’t gonna win this thing. I don’t care if Nostrodomus or God said so!! Whoever leaked this story is a lier and Anti Christian.