Barack Obama Wants Permission to Build Minarets on White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Hussein Obama is petitioning planners in Washington to approve plans for four minarets and a dome on the White House when he becomes US president.

Speaking at Dulles International airport on the eve of his world tour to promote his up and coming presidency, Barack Obama confirmed to reporters that he has already asked Pentagon planners to approve an Islamic addition to the White House once he moves in.

“As a nation of many colours and creeds, you can understand what I mean when I am talking about change. It is for the betterment of our great nation that I have proposed the minarets over the White House and the magnificent dome that will cover the building. I call for religious tolerance and peace amongst all men. We must all live together and not fight each other anymore,” Barack said before embarking on his journey.

The speech was truly touching and even reporters from the assembled Fox news teams were visibly shaken to tears.

The plan for the minarets has still come under fierce opposition however it will be steam-rolled through congress in September after recess.

“There will be a call to prayer in the morning and also in the afternoon from all four minarets which have high wattage speakers on them. This is a beautiful sound of the muezzin who will call the prayer so there is nothing to worry about,” Adnan Ali Khabbar who will be the Mullah in charge of the White House mosque once Obama is appointed president.


The magnificent addition to the White House will increase the architectural
integrity of the whole building


Barack Hussein Obama is said to be in talks with Saudi architects who will build the amazing structure and integrate it into the existing facade of the White House.

The intricate tiles for the dome will be brought specifically from Medina in Saudi Arabia and the interior of the dome will be the White House’s Oval room.

There is even call for a Hamam (Turkish Bath) in the president’s private quarters next to the harem.

“We are all set for this wonderful project which will be funded by the American taxpayer and will create thousands of jobs for labourers. The project will take four years to complete and will only cost $67 million — a bargain if I ever saw one,” Chief foreman, Bilal ibn Ribah told the Washington Times.

  • Sam Sloan

    You guys must be smoking some serious weed!

    We all know Barak is the excuse to put Hilary into office.

    Barak and Biden will be eliminated in September 2009 by people in the US government (remember JFK?), leaving Hilary Clinton to take over!

    Hell knoweth no fury stronger than the Whore of Babylon scorned!

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • JAB

    The Squib can jab Obama all it wishes, he’s a public figure and Fair Game, but the fact remains that Americas lot isn’t much better than the UKs right now.

    It’s time for a change and John McBush is not the answer. Putting him in office is the equivalent of making Comrade G. Brown PM for life.

    McCain motto should be … More of the same – more of the shame.

  • Allah’s pawn in a world of morons

    let’s hope that he really does pull a bait and switch! let’s face it – americans have no remorse for slavery nor brits – otherwise why are most bus drivers and supermarket workers and fast food workers black and most stock brokers, bankers and property brokers white? ha ha ha. who will be laughing after the election? and at what?

  • Samantha

    Ha, whatever next?!

  • Horus

    Behead all unbeliever’s ! By Allah they shal all be vanquished!

    9:29 Fight those who believe not in God and the Last Day and do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden–such men as practice not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book–until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled.

  • Azzam

    What is wrong with an Islamic president of the US? Your all bigots and racists who should all be shot.

  • Jakob

    How come they allowed a muslim to go to the White House and not a Jew?

    We are more important in America and also the US protects our homeland Israel and takes orders from it.

    This is crazy!

  • Bob Yusuf Pratchett

    Allahu Akbar may Allah praise Obama for his vision. He will make the Kafirs obey the true religion and bring forward the new age of Islam.