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Obama All Set for Black House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Hussein Obama is all set to make the White House the Black House when he becomes president of the United States of America.

Obama is going from strength to strength and is so confident of winning the presidential race that his
campaign supporters and team are even talking about some of the minor
changes they will introduce to the White House once they are instated.


Obama has already chosen the new colour for the Black House once they are
voted in, and she reiterated the point emphatically to New Yorker magazine last week:

time the Honky House got a new lick of paint, and we’re gonna make sure
that this time round it’s going to be a good colour and not that pale
soulless white sheeiit.”

For hundreds of years the White House has had
a whitewash whiter than white colour, but soon there will be a nice lick of black paint over the pale grand
facade of the building.

“We’re still discussing whether it should be matt black or gloss black over the president’s Washington residence. I say gloss because atleast that will reflect some kind of light,” Jill Gassburger for the Washington Obama campaign branch said at a congressional meeting on Tuesday.

‘Time for change’

Obama, who has even been endorsed by
American white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan is touted as the new uniter in
a land of economic and racial chaos.

“McCain should be dead by the time the election comes around. I can’t see him lasting until the end of September, maybe October. That means Obama will be the next President and he has had orders from Michelle that a new lick of paint is going to go up when they move into the Black House,” a senior Obama campaign advisor advisor told us.

There is talk of introducing good wholesome food to the Black House. Levi
Seacer, who is the chef chosen by the Obamas, told the Times:
“George W Bush eats greasy ass food like cheeseburgers, freedom fries,
corndogs, pretzels and is even still learning to read and form words
with Alphabet Soup which he finds great fun. But we’re going to change
the cuisine that is served in the Black House to good ol’ wholesome soul food and
none of that dubya trash; foods like country fried steak, chitlins, hog
maws with rice and greens, corn bread and chow chow. Hmm hmmm, dang
good cooking.”

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  1. What "HE" sing: "Black, black ……I so so so LOVE BLACK …..I`m black, I`m president! …
    White people no longer live in the White House !!!
    I`m BLACK man – in the white house …….Ho-ho-ho-ha-ha …."

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