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Bush May Not Get Elected Next Time

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush fears that he may not get elected for a third term.

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“I done some bad things folks *hic*, and made some bad decisions. It was hard being the president. Things are hard it’s not easy. I’m asking the American people to give me a third chance. My momma always told me ‘third time lucky son’,” the president told reporters from his golf buggy during a Monday morning session.

“Third Time Lucky”

There are serious fears at the GOP headquarters that the American people may somehow wake up and refuse to elect the “bungling alcoholic chimp” again.

“These are worrying times for Bush. We have to somehow convince the American people that he is still a viable choice for the nation. They voted for him twice already even though he is clearly a delusional psychotic simpleton and has brought America to its knees. What does that say about the electorate?” Mark Rosenberg, GOP chairman told Reuters at an impromptu news conference yesterday.

The Republicans are counting on the American people to show their resolve and keen sense of intelligence to vote for the right person once more.

George W Bush had this to say at a fundraising party last night: “Fellow Americans, I just drank more bourbon..tee hee! Y’all have another drink on me. Has anybody seen my wife?”

Does America need another Bush term? Did the Titanic need another iceberg?

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  1. Sinking America . . .yes indeed, Obama will be the end of America as we know it, I think I might move to Canada.

  2. Speaking of sinking ships, when it comes to America Obama is to the United States what the iceberg was to the Titanic. It will all end in doom. Bush didn’t hurt America nearly as badly as Obama will, mark my words.

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