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Ebola: Why Shutting Down Air Traffic From Africa Not Viable

VIRGINIA - USA - The Population Research Institute has compiled a brief research analysis of the current Ebola outbreak spreading across the globe at this time.

“Ebola has a 21 day incubation period, and yet flights from Africa are arriving at global destinations hourly.

“It’s not only air traffic that helps spread the disease but land and sea travel.

Ebola is the perfect instrument for the implementation of the global burden of disease and population strategy carried through global groups utilising the comprehensive development framework and transnational cross-border health risk citation.

“For the last thirty years, fulfilment of various strategies to tackle population have been an active technical and comprehensive response to the ever increasing problem of global population proliferation.

“The escalating deleterious spread of Ebola may impact expansively within Third World areas, however purely because of open global ports of entry, zones from which Ebola emanate will no doubt infiltrate Industrialised nations and may impact populations within those areas as well.

“What is the reason for keeping all ports open to travellers carrying the Ebola virus? This simple question cannot be answered at this time.”

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