Banning Things is Extremist Behaviour Say Experts

OXFORD - England - By banning words, speech or thoughts, governments across the Western world are in fact exhibiting extremist behaviour, professor Collin Ledwood, for Oxford university has revealed.


“The British and U.S. government have brought into law edicts calling for the banning of certain forms of human expression, speech and literature. Their claim is one of inhibiting extremism, however, the simple act of banning anything, is a form of extremism in itself.

“Naturally, there are certain areas of free speech which are unsavoury, however this is only part of the human condition, human societal culture and variation of human expression. To ban human expression in many of its variant forms in the name of banning extremism or any other form of thought that is not in-line with governmental doctrine is a form of extremism exhibited by the government itself.

“One may argue that the government is implementing banning strategies in the interests of national security, however would it not be better to include unsavoury speech as a way to understand things better? Do not ban things, because banning things is what extremists do, why follow their lead?”