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Argies Invade Top Gear

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - Well they lost in 1982, but now the Argies put it upon themselves to wreck some perfectly good cars driven by those victorious Brit Top Gear conquistadors.


“I thought I was in Goose Green for a minute, especially when that Argie Falklands vet threw a stone through my windshield,” a dismayed, James May told BBC news from Chile.

Jeremy Clarkson was rather more sanguine about the whole affair: “I was blaring out Rule Britannia on my car stereo going through some favela when a large concrete block came through the rear window wrapped in an Argentinian flag. I immediately slammed on the accelerator and ran over an old man waving another Argie flag. I think at this point I thought I should reverse and took out a few more of the bastards. Made a right mess of my front bumpers and windshield.”

As for the hamster, last anyone heard, he was seen cowering in the boot of his car pleading diplomatic immunity.

Next stop for Top Gear, a tour of Paris, France, in Hitler’s Mercedes Benz.

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  1. Well as we British say “com and have a go if you think your hard enough!! Fannies in 82 fannies now!!

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