5 Grotesque and Irresponsible African Bushmeat Feasts This Summer

NIGER - Africa - Bushmeat is considered a luxury and delicacy in Africa, so here are some wonderfully grotesque African bushmeat recipes to spice up your barbecue this summer.


In Western and Central Africa, bushmeat consists of apes, bats, rodents, endangered species as well as in some areas of Africa even humans.

“The key to preparing bushmeat is to either consume the meat raw or to leave it out in the sun so that viral pathogens contained within the meat can ferment and breed. Remember that HIV originated from a similar virus in primates called simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV); researchers know that HIV initially jumped into humans after people in Africa came into contact with infected bush meat. We’re pioneers in AIDS. There are several distinct strains of HIV, indicating that this cross-species transfer has occurred several times. It’s not just the deadly Ebola virus which is acquired by eating and handling bushmeat but simian foamy virus, smallpox, chicken pox, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, yellow fever and yaws. This is why African cuisine is such a delicacy, and brings such goodness to the world. As high IQ Africans, we’re really proud of our bushmeat consumption and our dedication to world cuisine,” African bushmeat chef, Ombobo kolombo, said from his Sierra Leon, restaurant stall on Sunday.

bush meat


Bushmeat cuisine from Africa


1) Barbecue Apes – Apart from being hunted and eaten into extinction, Africans eat this meat either raw or barbecued. Leave the meat to fester in the sun so bacteria and HIV viruses can breed and spread with more efficiency.


2) Bats – Grilled or boiled in a horrible pungent soup where the viral pathogens can flourish. This West African delicacy is an Ebola lovers delight.


3) Cane Rat – The largest rats in Africa, these are consumed by the thousands daily and are a staple food in many African nations. Marinate with Ebola infected bats to make an even more delightful culinary creation.


4) Anything that moves in a jungle – Pretty much anything that moves in the bush, is eaten.


5) Humans – It goes without saying that cannibalism does still occur in Africa, because when there are no animals left to eat, then long pigs will suffice.