Lost Amazon Tribe Already Into Selfies

AMAZON - Brazil - Indigenous people discovered in the Amazon rainforest are already addicted to taking selfies, researchers say

Indigenous tribesmen living deep in the Amazon rainforest have emerged into the outside world and are already addicted to taking selfies and surfing social media sites, doctors treating the tribe revealed.

“They took to selfies like a duck takes to water. It was like from zero to ipad 3 in two seconds, never seen anything like it. Now they’re all on Facebook, Whatsup, blendr, drendr, doodledig, clapper, gonzo and buttcrackz,” Dr. Alonson Gomez, treating the tribes people told Brazilian news services.

The contact between the lost Amazon tribe took place in the Brazilian portion of the Amazon and was recorded in a video released on Friday. The tribesmen were already downloading apps after 15 minutes of walking into the clearing and meeting the group of doctors and anthropologists.