Actor Has Social Responsibility to Comment on News Incident

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood celebrities have a responsibility to make inane, uninformed comments on actual news stories, political dialogue, or anything else that pops into their frazzled minds.


“I feel it is my right to tell the world about things I have no knowledge or understanding about, I’m stuck so far up my own ass I don’t actually know or care what day it is today, but I have millions in my bank account because I was on a screen and paid a lot of money,” some actor said after commenting on an important news piece.

It is not only the need to comment on out of depth knowledgeable subjects that drives ignorant out of touch pampered celebrities, but the need to be recruited by charities or any other cause that is the flavour of the week.

“The world revolves around my head. Before I was famous I did not care about charities or big causes, because I was the big cause. Every ounce of my energy went into me making it. Now however I am known by all, and have lots of money I suddenly ‘care’ about putting my name in front of causes, charities and other self serving vehicles for my ego. Naturally I really don’t give a flying botulism needle about the people I am ‘saving’ by putting my face onto billboards or TV ads. They’re looking at me, not some starving kid in a country that does not even have a celebrity Scientology centre,” another screen star quipped from their private yacht.