Genetically Modified Food Could Walk Into Your Mouth

BOSTON - USA - Food scientists at MIT who are sponsored by GM company Monsanto have revealed they have invented GM food that walks off your plate and into your mouth.

“You ever seen a piece of celery walk up your arm, then gently pop into your open mouth? Well, we have GM vegetables and fruits that can sprout legs and walk to your waiting mouth saving you a whole lot of trouble. The old days of knives and forks are over folks, welcome to the future,” professor Harold Fenster, project leader on the GM Food Trotter project told New Scientist magazine.

Depending on how hungry a person is, the GM food has different levels of speed and urgency in which it will find its way to your mouth.

“You might be late for work. No problem, just tap on the table three times and the GM food hurries up. A word of caution though, you don’t want to tap too much or you could choke with GM food traffic,” another scientist on the project revealed.

The new GM food will be available in shops in 2016 after further tests are completed.

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