New Credit Cards For the Homeless Initiative Hailed a Success

LONDON - England - The homeless have just been given a vital lifeline that could make their lives a lot easier.

“If I ever need a brew, I just flash my card and I get a few tins to last me a few hours,” Alfred Thompson, 54, a homeless man who lives under Waterloo bridge told the BBC.

Having a credit card when you’re homeless really does ease the pain, and it’s all thanks to the many credit card companies who have stepped in as a gesture towards London’s homeless.

“We hope to provide as many homeless people with credit cards so they can spend, spend, spend,” one of the credit card companies involved in the scheme revealed.

As of yet there has not been any information released as to how the homeless will pay back the credit cards, but the companies involved say that they give credit cards to absolutely anyone and homeless people should not be discriminated against.