Corbyn Regurgitates Mush During Labour Conference

BRIGHTON - England - The newly appointed Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn spectacularly regurgitated dollops of yellowish gloopy mush from his mouth during his conference speech.




Comrade Corbyn was speaking about the delightful food at the conference and how the menu is modelled on his five-year plan for the populace when he comes to power. Pity the mush did not quite agree with the comrades palate.

“Comrades, I had the most delightful mush for lunch, and as your leader I eat the same food as you will be eating for the rest of your sorry miserable lives once I become Soviet Britain’s comrade in chief.”

food for the masses
Corbyn’s five year plan will condemn Britons to eating mush as their staple diet

During the speech, the Labour leader was seen convulsing and holding his stomach when steaming hot bubbling mush erupted from his gullet splattering the podium spectacularly.

A smiling commissar immediately rushed to the ailing leader and wiped the foul smelling gunk from his red face.

Bon appetit.