Farewell Joan Rivers You Will be Missed by Liberals Everywhere

MANHATTAN - USA - Politically correct liberals all across the United States were in mourning today at the loss of their beloved Joan Rivers.


“We don’t know who we’re going to be shocked by any more,” Stanley Peesie, a CNN news anchor revealed solemnly.

On the MSN news network news readers were seen bawling their eyes out as they attempted to read the terrible news.

“Who am I going to chastise for wearing fur now? I just went and bought a mink coat in honour of Joan Rivers,” a visibly distraught news reader for MSNBC, Dominic Lewsanius, revealed today.

As the funeral cort├Ęge snaked through Manhattan Village on Friday, liberals threw pieces of stripped bacon at the procession in honour of Joan’s famously vulgar humour.

“She would have liked that touch. It’s good that the liberals finally came up to her level of bad taste thinking. It took a whole life time but they finally got it after she died,” Rivers’s agent told news outlets.

One positive thing about Joan Rivers passing is that she will not decompose for the next 400 years. Maybe by then they can bring her back to life to entertain the liberals of the future.