Next Kate Bush Concert Scheduled When She’s 91

LONDON - England - Fans were said to be eager and waiting for the next Kate Bush concert in 35 years time.


“I couldn’t get tickets this time but can’t wait for the next Kate Bush concert when I’m 120 years old,” Gina Malloy, an avid fan told the BBC.

According to Kate Bush’s agent, the ethereal singer who sometimes sounds like a beached whale, will hold the concert at the same venue in 35 year increments for the next five centuries.

“Thirty five years is a long time for technological progress. We already have plans for Kate to either be encased in a nano particle fluid that will allow her to warble through a sound system. Perhaps in the future, concerts will be beamed into the minds of fans wherever they are geographically located. Please reserve your tickets now, you won’t be disappointed. See you there in 35 years folks,” Jasper Pointon, Kate Bush’s agent revealed yesterday.