Think Tank: New World Order Can Only Occur From External Planetary Threat

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - An independent think tank located in geosynchronous orbit above the earth has come up with a solution to the geopolitical division which has been racking humankind in the present, as well as throughout the whole of history.


“Generational nationalism and religion are the causes of most of the world’s problems. Nationalism was utilised by leaders in the past to gain strategic ground, however if globalisation is to occur, there must be an abrogation of all nationalism and organised religion.

“Unfortunately the world’s population is still entrenched in petty squabbles about such things as race, territory and religious ideology. The human animal is naturally a territorial beast much like any, but these human qualities are the ones that may lead to its ultimate downfall. Territorial disputes over limited finite resources within a rapidly expanding human population are another major cause for concern as they create disharmony and war.

“If the global community is to transcend these historical biological human pitfalls, there may have to be an ultimate external threat that will render all of humanity’s differences void.

“One major point however that may have to be addressed by the global elite, is the natural order of nature, where the globalists fail, is in their urgency to declare all humans as equal, when in reality there are major biological genetic differences in races, not only in intelligence levels, but through selective breeding through the centuries, especially within the governing classes.

“The essence of the coming technical jump through artificial intelligence may address some of the biological predicaments that have befallen human existence, however there may yet have to be an extra push towards globalisation, and a threat from elsewhere in the universe may be the only way.

“Humans are cyclical creatures revisiting the same patterns over and over again. Some cycles of behaviour may be encased in larger cycles and others are short term cycles within a small period of time.

“Linguistically, the natural progression has been towards the English language, therefore the global New World Order language will supersede all others, and in time the rest will fade away. The English language itself could transmute into an altogether more concise efficient form of communication where the vocabulary for the globalised world would be stripped and simplified even further.

“One way or another, the singular world system will be revealed within the next decade.”