White Dee Takes Jade Goody’s Place

BIRMINGHAM - England - White Dee has had her benefits stopped. Be prepared for a media onslaught for the next twenty years.

White Dee, she of Benefits Street, has officially taken Jade Goody’s place in the bucket fame stakes.

“There’s always a special place for the Jade Goodies and White Dees inhabiting the shallow faeces ridden UK celebrity circuit. It’s a place of Z list undeserved fame, inhabited by septic banal chavettes who have some quality that the public like in some way. Either way, I stand to make a lot of money from this fat sow,” Dee’s agent, Miles Dabadow, told the Sun.

Expect to see this thing plastered all over the media for a very long time. Blame Channel 4.

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    How can you compare a woman on benefits to Jade Goody? Jade was working as a dental nurse when she entered Big Brother, she qualified as a beautician as soon as she left and set up her own salon. She then wrote books, designed perfume and made three weightloss videos. The public bought into her work, unlike Dee where people buy into her not working. Jade was defiantly a sucker for a ludicrous magazine deal like Dee but the girl whether it be through chance or design worked and worked hard.

    What a mindless and dull piece of journalism.