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Prince Harry Set to Star as Worzel Gummidge in Hollywood Epic

LOS ANGELES - USA - There's some smashing news for Prince Harry as he is set to star as Worzel Gummidge in a Netflix remake of the popular series.

Netflix has commissioned a new series featuring Prince Harry who will star as a scarecrow called Worzel Gummidge, based on the 1970s original children’s series. According to network insiders, the lucrative deal has already been signed, and Harry is very excited at being chosen for the role.

At a recent Hollywood meet up, the errant prince was ecstatic about the role.

“I’m a scarecrow, see, and I have many different heads. One head is me thinking head, but I lose that one a lot, you know. I particularly like me dumbo head, it suits me fine. All that clever stuff is way above my normal head. Like, I was told by that man over theres, I woulds be paid with two bales of straw, a few twigs, and a big filthy hat with a crusty cow-pat on it for the role. How could I resist?”

Unfortunately for the prince, if Trump wins the upcoming election, Harry might have to put on his exile head, because he could be deported for lying about his past drug use on his visa application. Oops.

The Netflix remake of Worzel Gummidge starring Harry is set to air in August.

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  1. Scarecrows up and down the country must be up in straw arms about this aggressive form of cultural appropriation!

    Presumably, the part of Aunt Sally will be played by Meagain Markle?


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