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D-List Former Actress Attacks Quentin Tarantino and Mike Myers

MONTECITO - USA - D-list former actress Meghan Markle has attacked Hollywood directors Quentin Tarantino and Mike Myers.


Here’s the way we see it at the Squib. The fucking toenail clippings of Quentin Tarantino have more worth and clout than 1 million D-List Meghan Markles. The ass hairs from Mike Myers’ asshole have more worth and value than Meghan Markle will ever know or realise.

Who the hell is Meghan Markle anyway? Apart from being a dangerous narcissistic manipulative grifter who latched on to some royal single-brain-celled dumbo, she is a D-list actress with not much talent apart from having the ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. What have been Meghan Markle’s achievements so far? …crickets…

“Meghan Markle is a nobody, a stain on not only the British royal family but on the entire human race. Here is a dumb cretin who cannot distinguish the nuances and rhetoric of certain film genres. Yes, there are gross exaggerations in Tarantino films, but that’s what makes them so enjoyable to watch. Austin Powers utilises the technique of parody and comedy with exaggerations and general silliness as a form of entertainment. This is something the humourless piece of ass chunder, Meghan Markle is completely lost to. She has no idea, and should be completely ignored by the entirety of the entertainment industry. I bet this fucking moron has hired a stasi woke fact-checker to fact-check comedy and satire. What kind of a misinformed idiot fact check’s comedy or satire?” one angry film executive revealed on Wednesday.

Art is subjective. There is no need for justification, or explanation.

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