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Meghan Markle Podcast: ‘I loved talking about important topics about myself’

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle enjoyed talking about herself for over an hour yesterday.

The Archehole Meghan Markle podcast was a great success because it was all about Markle’s favourite subject — herself.

“I talked about myself and how I changed the world single-handedly because the world revolves around my head. If it was not for my intervention when I was 11-years-old women’s rights would be still in the Stone Age. I am such a brilliant, wonderful person. I am also very clever and intelligent, and I am beautiful. I am the epitome of brilliance, and I shine a light into the world with all my amazing words.

“I thoroughly enjoyed talking about myself for over an hour and wanted to show the world that it’s not all about others, but it is about me, myself and I.

“I want to help young women to be as empowered as I am. If you can stay awake for more than a minute after I start speaking about myself and spouting woke word salad diarrhoea from my well-used mouth. This is not just about me, but about my dedication to myself.”

Spotify shares dropped a further 30% in after market trading yesterday.

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