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Celeb News: Kim Kardashian Modelled Her Buttocks on Baboons

LOS ANGELES - USA - American celebrity, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she fashioned her buttocks from baboons.

Celebrity for doing nothing, Kim Kardashian apparently modelled her buttock implants on those of baboons the Instagram star revealed to TMZ.

“I was flicking through the channels and suddenly saw this nature show. It had that English man on it, and he was pointing at these huge red baboon buttocks, explaining why they had evolved like that. Something to attract mates. That’s when a big bulb exploded in my head. I was on the phone to my surgeon in Beverly Hills that minute.”

Many women across the world have been copying Kardashian’s ass fashions ever since.

Some susceptible women have sadly died after attempting to copy Kim Kardashian.

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