Striking RMT Rail Workers on £65,000 Enjoying Day Off

LONDON - England - Striking rail workers on £65,000 per annum enjoy their day off as travel chaos ensues.

rmt union rail workers strike barbecue

“Let the cunts walk to work,” Alan Smalls, 46, from Hounslow, chuckles as he tucks into another pint. Mr. Smalls is having a barbecue with his friends today, and he has the news on showing all the chaos the RMT Union are creating across the capital.

“You ungrateful people don’t see the hard work we go through on the trains. I have to sit down in the cab for 4-hour shifts at a time and read my iPad. When we get to a station the automated system opens the doors and makes the announcements. Then I’m back on the iPad. It’s hard work and I get paid £65,000 per year to do it.”

As well as the insanely high pay levels rail workers get there are the benefits as well. Rail workers get free travel for themselves and their entire family, they also get free gym memberships, and three weeks paid holiday per annum. On retiring, they get a full salary pension and a bonus every year to top up their pensions.

“I’m retiring next year. May move to Marbella where I own three properties, or could go to the Algarve as I own a large mansion out there. Golfing all day, then swimming and maybe take the wife to a beautiful restaurant in the evenings. It’s the good life. I have to thank Karl Marx, the Labour Party and the RMT Union. My comrades have done me good, innit!”

The RMT Union boss, a renowned militant Marxist also lives the good life with a pay packet over £160,000.

Who says that Marxism never worked?