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Formerly Funny Aussie Actress Loses Weight and Comedy Ability

LONDON - England - The FAFTA Awards this year was hosted by a formerly funny Aussie actress who seems to have gone woke.

Yeah, we’re talking about Rebel Wilson, who in turning Woke and losing weight is now as funny as anal prolapse surgery conducted with a rusty blunt scalpel. Obviously Wilson, a celebrated Hollywood actress can afford the trainers; the nutritionists, the surgeons and the chef cooked macrobiotic or whatever diet she gets, but can she afford losing her entire humorous repertoire all in one go? Being ‘Woke’ is the antithesis of all creativity, comedy and acting, but Wilson still managed to crawl up the ass of ‘Wokism’ anyway.

The FAFTA Awards, an overflowing shitberg of woke virtue signalling celebrity luvvies all sniffing each other’s bottoms, is a nauseating celebration of mediocrity and champagne socialism all mixed into a bucket of anti-art, anti-creative soviet woke ideology that is more in tune with the former Soviet Union than anything within what once was a democratic free society. What these peddlers of pseudo-Marxist wokeness fart out in their diminutive arse kissing ceremony is an ode to banality and a peculiar brand of conformism that even NPCs in a computer game would baulk at.

Such is the demise of Hollywood and the British Film ‘Industry’ in recent decades that it now mirrors the current state of the Music Biz. Woke agenda after woke agenda is pushed by these despicable cunts. One supposes, if they pursued true artistry and creativity, Chinese communist money would stop funding their foul pusillanimous projects. You only have to take a look at the credits of any new release to see which Chinese company paid for the latest piece of humourless, talentless unartistic trash to be jettisoned from the frothing syphilis-ridden mouth of any given writer/producer/director ‘yes man’ to Chinese money and propaganda.

This is exactly why these actresses and actors can afford to go woke and tow the soviet party line, because they know that whatever they do, however despicable the picture they star in, Chairman Mao, or Xingping Pong will continue pumping millions of Chinese Yuan into their already overflowing bank accounts.

Rebel Wilson used to be funny when she had a little meat on her, now she’s just another CCP funded unfunny Hollywoodized product that has lost its mojo.

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