George Zimmerman Penning Own Rap Album Produced by Dr. Dre

MIAMI - USA - Ex-security guard, George Zimmerman is in the middle of recording a rap album with iconic rapper and producer Dr. Dre, a record executive for Interscope Records revealed Tuesday.

“This here a’bum gonna be a bess seller. Y’all need to listen we all inda mu’fu**in’ hizzouse,” Dr. Dre said from the plush recording facility at Soulplex studios, deep in the heart of Miami.

Amongst the blunts and chronic smoke, you can hear the voices rapping away like a deuce mofo party plan tech-9 firing off a clip.

Zimmerman comes in: “I’ma say this and I’ma end mine. If you ain’t down for the mall cops here in the United States, period point blank. If you ain’t down for the ones that suffer in neighbourhood watch inda gated communities and shit. Devil you need to step your punk ass to the side and let us brothers and us guardians step in and start puttin some funk in that ass.”

Snoop comes in and slams his head on the deck.

“I got my finger on the trigger so niggaz wonder why But livin in the gated community it’s do-or-die.”

After the session is over, there is a yell and someone says: “Mmm Hmm, triple cheeseburger, some fries and mothafu**in’ couple sodas and shit, and hot apple turnover and all dat old shit nigga Wooo I’m gonna get my munch onnn!!!”