Alec Baldwin Trying to Stay Away From Internet

LOS ANGELES - USA - Internet users are mourning the thoroughly entertaining Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin trying to stay away from the internet.

“The internet(s) is going to be so boring without Alec, he makes it so entertaining,” one twitter user tweeted yesterday.

The hot headed Hollywood actor shut his twitter account down for the fifth time last month after another hilarious angry tirade that had many of his fans whooping with joy.

“You ever seen a kettle blow up? That’s probably what he looks like when he’s furiously typing away on the tiny keyboard on his smartphone with the veins on his forehead snapping away about some insignificant nonsense. It would be a joy to watch, hilarious in fact,” another Baldwin fan revealed.

John Lazarus, 23, a prominent tweeter from Kentucky said: “What happens if he gets a fly in his Cheerios? Man, I would love to see that!”

Mr Baldwin was not available for comment, but his PA overheard him saying this from his office after a coffee spillage:

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, c*nt motherfu*king f*ckers,

f*cking assh*le, sh*t head, f-u-ck!

Aaaaargh! Aaaaargh! Argh! Huaaargh!”