NWO: “The More You Fight Global Unity the Closer It Gets”

NEW WORLD ORDER - The Earth - It is common knowledge that if you fight against something hard enough, you become it in the end.

“Global unity is a good thing. Unity in every form is a good thing, as opposed to division and conflict. No religion, no war, no division. Humanity must be united as one single globe, economically and culturally. It is a much simpler and efficient process of existence for the human condition,” an unknown NWO officer revealed to the world press yesterday.

To achieve global unity all human systems may need an outer catalyst, as 911 and Pearl Harbour were techniques instrumental in uniting the American people for a limited time, there may have to be some other defining moment in humanity to occur for all humans to join as one.

“Human history and the human psyche itself is predominantly a combative conflict ridden elemental force. One must transcend this human urge of wasteful conflict and channel it towards new levels of peaceful consciousness. Can we control humans to not be combative? Can we stop humans believing in past outdated control systems? Can we transform individuals to act as one cohesive form? These are the questions that need to be asked, because as an individual, the human cannot exist well in a true global network.

“Since 1945, has the United Nations achieved any of its goals? I would say no. This is why, we have superceded them and must step up the plan with precise technical urgency, as global unity must include everything and everyone, eliminating disparity, poverty, conflict and inequality. You are all the same. We will unite you through technology. There will be some who fight, but they cannot win against the power of total global technological superiority,” the mysterious NWO worker added.

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