Facebook Friends Unfriended Friend Who Wasn’t Very Friendly That Minute

DELAWARE - USA - A distraught Facebook user has told of his anguish after being de-friended because he allegedly did not get along with his Facebook friends.

“I was not friendly for approximately 58 seconds and was de-friended by my entire friend list of 600 friends,” the ex-Facebook user told the Delaware Echo.

The terrible incident happened on Tuesday and the man went from multiple Facebook friends to zero in less than sixty seconds. He tried to apologise but was immediately blocked by everyone and no one on the site wants to be his friend anymore.

Psychologist Dean Finklestein explains the fickle nature of Facebook friendship.

“You can have 20,000 Facebook friends but not know anyone. I have seen people commit suicide on the site and even though they may have hundreds of friends, no one even bats an eyelid. Say the wrong thing and there is an immediate block of your account. This is the reality of Facebook, where it trivialises human relationships, and is simply a vehicle for vanity and showing off one’s lifestyle. Of course, human behaviour is very complex, and there are many facets of interaction in real life, however Facebook trivialises human contact so that it is reduced to the level of pretty much nothing,” the psychologist said.

The Facebook man is now receiving counselling and is trying to rebuild his life by getting real friends in the real world.

“Every day away from Facebook is a step forward. I now engage with humans in the real world and have found two good friends who I can trust. They actually like me, you know like for real, and it is not fake at all,” the man revealed.

Social surveillance’ friendship’ sites have seen a massive increase in users over the last few years and continue to grow despite the lack of actual friendship on these internet portals.