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‘Bed Intruder’ Video Voted Best Music Video of All Time

LONDON - England - Results are finally in for the best music video of all time, in conjunction with MTV, Daily Squib readers have voted for the Antoine Dobson Bed Intruder music video.

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After receiving masses of votes from our readers we had to sift through thousands of votes to find the winner of the Best Music Video of All Time, and we have to say the winner really surprised us.

The Bed Intruder video won over seasoned icons and superstars of the music world.

Forget about Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Guns’ N Roses’ November Rain, the Bed Intruder video starring Antoine Dobson got 850,000 votes taking the title of greatest music video of all time.

“This video is the best music video of all time. Take all of history then add the future, divide by 3.6 then multiply by lateral time scales and you will get this video in all of the multiple dimensions of time and f*cking space,” Edward Realtor, 34, one of the people who voted for the video said on You Tube.

Music video director Spike Jonze also agreed: “I had to just bow down to this video, I mean who needs Christopher Walken skipping around a screen to some DJ’s sampled music, when you can have the genius of Antoine Dobson auto-tuned, interspersed with wonderful editing and hilarious ballet pieces. It was just so black and white, so wonderful it made me cry.”

The 2010 production of Bed Intruder has amassed millions of views across the internet and for an independent production it is a work of pure genius.

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