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Middletons’ Party Website Introduces New Pancake Making Products

BERKSHIRE - England - The Middletons' party products company is bringing out a new exciting pancake pan and pancake mix product line for having those wonderful pancake parties.

“There’s nothing like a flat pancake for breakfast in the morning, or how about one before breakfast, just ask Wills about that,” a Middleton company worker said at the launch of the new pancake pans that will grace the new line of pancake products on the website.

Cashing In

The new line of products were introduced on the site late yesterday afternoon to coincide with events in the news recently.

“Everyone loves a good flat pancake, you toss it up in the air, then swish it around the pan a little, don’t forget to add a little winkie of lemon, to taste for a bitter sweet delight. One flat pancake can be a bit wanting, so how about getting two pancakes, then serve ’em up together with a big cherry in the middle of each. Don’t forget to take photos of your flat pancakes and send them over to us so we can pick and publish the best ones on our site. They may be as flat as a pancake but they are sure to satisfy your taste buds,” the site says on its product description blurb.

As well as pancake mix, the site will also sell pancake pans and even books on how to make the perfect flat pancake.

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  1. As soon as someone said that Kate Middleton has got the chest of a 12 year old boy, the fucking Pope decided to take notice and get involved.

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