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The French Invite Duchess of Cambridge to Pose Topless For Bastille Day PICTURE EXCLUSIVE

PARIS - France - Trust the French to have a dig at the British royal family, and with the new topless pictures of Kate Middleton doing the rounds, things are hotting up in the nude royal stakes. PHOTO EXCLUSIVE ONLY ON THE SQUIB!

“First Prince Harry with his royal ginger knackers out for everyone to see and now Kate with her little puddings out for the whole world to see, we’re wondering who’s next, god forbid Camilla?” a scared newspaper reader in London told the BBC.

Royal commentator, Ernest Bustlewaite, told ITN news: “One may think the Windsors are having a rough time of it of late, but let us consider the fact that everyone has a camera these days on their phones and the paparazzi have got some seriously long lenses. Somebody, somewhere should tell the royals to get with the program. Have they never learned from the disgraceful Fergie toe sucking incident?”

And here it is, exclusively on the Daily Squib, scroll down for the topless photographs of Kate Middleton.



For the first time in any British newspaper, this exclusive picture of Kate Middleton will astound and shock you.



Soon you will see the picture of the Duchess of Cambridge with her baps out.



“Vite, vite!”



When you see the photograph of Kate Middleton you may well be shocked, please scroll down to the photograph now.



Vive La Revolution as they said in 1789 during the storming of the Bastille.



The Frenchies must be squealing with delight at the sight of the exposed breasts of the Duchess of Cambridge, and the future Queen of England.





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