Pippa Middleton Involved in Drive-By Mooning

PARIS - France - Her Royal Hotness, Pippa Middleton bared her lovely bottom over the back of a moving car during a daring episode of mooning that was enjoyed by all who had the fortune to see the spectacle.

“I for one was amazed at the beauty of this woman’s pert bottom being flashed at me from a moving vehicle. She pulled down her dress and mooned us in a drive-by mooning, and frankly it made me salivate,” an awe struck witness told the Daily Mail.

The drive-by mooning took place on Wednesday as the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge had just left a lavish party hosted by some of her friends.

Unfortunately for her, the police are seeking to speak with her over the incident, as mooning in public can be dangerous, especially if one has such an attractive derriere as Ms Middleton.

“Ce’st un folie. We want à parler avec Mademoiselle Middleton, she était en possession of a dangereuse weapon, her cul magnifiques. Il est un danger pour le public Français I just saw deux voitures crash ici,” Chief Inspector Jacques Couilles, told French TV.

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