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Obama Reserves His Place on Mount Rushmore

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama has already reserved his place on Mount Rushmore as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.

The president, who used $8 million of taxpayers money to prepare a proposition to include his head on the famous sculpture mountain, has already hired a sculptor from Italy to complete the job.

The sculptor, Gino DeMatteo, is a master craftsman who was trained in Florence and is famous all over Italy for his amazing sculptures. He is set to be paid an estimated $850,000 for the work which will take approximately 15 months to complete.

Speaking in the White House’s Rose garden yesterday, the president said: “One thing I know is I deserve this sculpture, and it is a huge honour for me. Michelle was telling me last night how much I deserve this, and I should stand up and grab this prize. It has not been easy, you know the vacations, the golf and the spending of trillions of your dollars on my useless socialist pet projects, but I got through it, I fought the urge to save your taxpayers money, you know so that you and your children will be broke for many years to come. Well, I blew the cash folks. It’s all gone. I just could not help myself. Enjoy looking at my sculpture on Mount Rushmore, because I’ll have a huge smile on my motherfuckin’ mouth.”

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