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Hollywood: Remakes of Remakes the New Movie Remake Trend

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Harold Weisner, is the producer for the third remake of last year's remake of the Lindsay Lohan epic remake, The Oyster Catcher. Many commentators say that this is the new trend in movie making which the studios are applying to their rosters.

Making remakes of remakes is the new in-thing according to Hollywood studio execs.

Ephraim Goldberger, a producer of 28 remakes of remakes this year alone says: “People are dumb, like we remake one movie after six months and they don’t realise we just showed them a remake of a remake and cleaned up again. It’s a license to print money, and as you already know, we like the easy money folks.”

Now Hollywood execs want to remake as many remakes of remakes in 3D, but still make a full remake of a remake within a remake.

“Remaking movies in 3D and casting younger actors, then adding a shitload of CGI to it is a guaranteed cash source for us now. This way we dump paying script writers and any real directors. There is none of that BS creativity that is needed in new expensive projects, no location scouting, no fights about funding something that will probably tank anyway. Since our studio has been making remakes of remakes, we’ve trebled our gross yearly income. We can now remake more remakes in our remake production line which we setup in Studio City,” Yerachmiel Davids, the head of Misanthrope Studios, a subdivision of Fox, told Hollywood Today.

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