Amy Winehouse Slips on Banana Peel During Caribbean Holiday

ROSEAU - St Lucia - According to tabloid reports, popstar Amy Winehouse has slipped on a banana peel whilst walking along a beach.


The singer was at her energetic best on the beach in St Lucia yesterday, despite spending Thursday night in hospital suffering from ‘amywinitis’.

Dressed in hot pants and a cropped top, she was spotted walking on the beach before slipping on a discarded banana peel.

Amy was spotted dramatically slipping on the banana peel and at one moment lifting off the sand with both her feet in the air.

“It was an amazing slip. We all witnessed her legs go up in the air and she fell on her bum in the sand. I saw about 34 photographers take the picture that will probably make headline news tomorrow,” Cyrus B. De Mille, a tourist enjoying his holidays told the Sun newspaper.

Amy Winehouse is currently embarking on starting her epic new album which will be called ‘Wahn gahn reharr Valeraahh’

Asked how the recording was going Amy told reporters: “Iss gahn weell goo n ahh laaahvin mahh liwicks ya knaa”